The ancient answer for heart health

Written by Body Ecology on February 24th, 2021

Today I want to tell you about an ancient answer for heart health.

You know I always come to you with my latest findings, and I had to share this with you (and please share this article with your loved ones – there’s information in here that can help them with heart health too).

This evergreen shrub is the oldest known medicinal plant in European herbal medicine – with recorded use dating back to the 1st century.

Recent studies show it can fight heart disease by…

– increasing the strength of heart contractions

– increasing blood flow to the heart

– regulating blood pressure

Think about that – utilizing Mother Nature’s ancient wisdom for heart health.

Find out all about this time-tested herbal heart remedy in this new eBook:

Inside this eBook you’ll also discover…

– The aromatic Malaysian spice that reduces the risk of high blood pressure and a stroke

– The brilliant Japanese blossom that works as well as the “go to” pharmaceutical for blood pressure

– The savory spice that ramps up the battle against heart disease by lowering blood pressure

…and you’ll also be able to save your seat for the world premiere of the Cardiovascular Docu-Class hosted by my friend, Jonathan Landsman on March 2nd.

This event features 22 of the world’s brightest minds in heart health.

Check out this schedule of all the amazing topics being covered.

Armed with this cutting-edge heart health information, you can truly be one step ahead of the world’s #1 killer.  Please also share this with friends and loved ones so they can have the same chance as you.

In good health,





PS:  Remember, you never know what bit of information will open new doors for you on your health journey.   Here’s the link again for The Ancient Answer for Heart Health eBook and to save your free seat at the Cardiovascular Docu-Class.  Never stop learning.


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