10 Action Tips for Supporting Your Body & the Planet’s Ecology

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Why have we become addicted to foods that taste good yet make us feel full and lazy, weaken us, harm our immune systems and shorten our life spans? We’ve forgotten who we really are. We have forgotten the divinity of our true selves and we have forgotten why we are really here. We were created for a purpose: to establish a bright, happy world, one highly evolved on a material level, yet governed by spiritual wisdom. It will be a world rich with music, art, and science, free from the pain of poverty, disease and hunger.

We are moving toward this paradise, making mistakes along the way, but learning from them. Yet if we continue to eat for pleasure alone, ignoring the purpose of our creation, our minds and bodies will weaken such that we will never find the happiness that is our birthright. Once we discover our inner strength and glory, it becomes easy to turn away from negativity and dissatisfaction. It becomes easy to operate from our positive, altruistic self and take care of the body that houses our beautiful soul.

Here are 10 actions you can take to support your Body Ecology and your Planet’s Ecology:

  1. Create a demand for organic or untreated foods to be sold in your neighborhood grocery store, not just at health-food stores. Demand foods free from antibiotics and other harmful additives.
  2. Support the new breed of natural-foods supermarkets. They offer healthy foods, organic produce, and extensive in-store soup and salad bars and deli sections. However, encourage them to go further by visiting the deli manager and asking them to switch from refined canola and vegetable oils and cook instead in unrefined coconut oil-and to add flax, olive, pumpkin seed, evening primrose, and other organic, unrefined seed oils to all of their prepared dishes.
  3. Shop at groceries that are responsive to the changing demands of their public, that patronize local organic farmers and that are constantly trying to expand their organic produce departments.
  4. Patronize restaurants whose menus offer the healthy, organic foods.
  5. Ask for healthy snacks at your local theaters, including popcorn sprinkled with mineral-rich sea salt and popped in a higher grade of coconut oil.
  6. Encourage schools to offer healthier lunches in their cafeterias. Participate in changing curricula so that more nutrition is taught in a more interesting manner. Students can learn how food can be fun and healthy at the same time.
  7. Buy foods and products that help save the environment, rather than destroy it. Putting a serving of meat on your table requires much more of the world’s valuable energy and resources than a serving of fish; grains and vegetables use even less.
  8. Within reason, avoid medicines that suppress your natural healing and cleansing and thus, weaken the immune system.
  9. Rely on diet, exercise and good mental attitudes to stay healthy. Emphasize prevention and wellness.
  10. Create or build a community of people committed to this way of life and to these points of view. This will support your goals and forward your purpose.
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