Are You Sure You Know ALL The Dangers of Sugar?

Humans love sweet-tasting foods. It’s a flavor we dearly enjoy and should not feel guilty for wanting. After all, our very first food …mother’s milk…was deliciously sweet. We’ve formed an emotional attachment to sweets, but the average American has been consuming high, unhealthy levels of refined sugars (we call them carbs these days) and artificial sweeteners (like NutraSweet, Equal, Asulphame K and Splenda). The consequences of a high sugar diet include diabetes, weight gain, candida and cravings for even more sugar.

Sugar and carbs create an acidic blood condition. To create balance, your body must pull out minerals even from your bones and teeth to keep us alive. After years of this, we develop osteoporosis. As minerals become scarce in your body, your adrenals become weak, and since adrenals control muscle tone, you become flabby and bloated.

Weak adrenals also produce inadequate levels of hormones, which accelerates the aging process. The winter months are the months you must build up your adrenal energy so you can recharge and regain the strength to heal. So throw sugary foods away and start drinking warming herbal teas made with a few drops of stevia instead. We also suggest black currant juice in young coconut kefir drink in the morning… sweetened with about 6-12 drops of stevia. This makes a wonderful adrenal tonic in the morning. Black currant juice has always been very popular in Europe for healing the adrenals and also for strengthening your bladder.

If you do not eliminate the simple sugars from your diet, they will interfere with your body’s ability to fight viruses and further weaken your immune system.
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