Secrets to overcoming candida (for good)

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Written by Body Ecology on March 26th, 2021

Tess Masters, The Blender Girl, created an empire on showing people how to use a blender to create gut-friendly, healthy, fast food. People swoon over her quick, healthy and delicious recipes.  And her popular Facebook lives will turn you into a pro in no time.  Listen in to her story on how to get rid of candida

Image courtesy of Tess Masters, The Blender Girl.

Tess Masters, The Blender Girl:  How to get rid of candida

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As we well know, it can be super challenging to get rid of candida.  So we turned to Tess to help empower and support you on your journey.  It can be done, even if you’ve feel like you’ve tried everything.

“The first step in restoring healthy body ecology is to reverse the overgrowth of candida.”

Here’s her story, in her words:

“After suffering from candida, poor digestion, and fatigue my entire life I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus when I was a teenager.

And after following Macrobiotics, Chinese medicine, food combining principles, alkaline practices, and other whole foods plans I was introduced to the Body Ecology diet during a health consultation with Steven Acuff.

The Body Ecology book made so much sense to me. I had been employing many of the principles outlined in the book. But, I had not put them together into a cohesive protocol as outlined in the program. So, I went on the diet for a few months, and I felt incredible. So, I thought I was done and I moved on, and enjoyed several years of good health.

However, in May of 2009, I was performing in the Australian production of August: Osage County with Melbourne Theatre Company, a horrible cold and flu swept through the theater and we were all instructed by the theater and the company to take a course of antibiotics.

I had not taken antibiotics in many years. That course of antibiotics coupled with stress resulted in a raging overgrowth of candida, and it took me down. I realized I had been living with a systemic infection that had literally become a ‘seven-year itch.’

At just the right time, I received a new edition copy of The Body Ecology Diet as a birthday gift from my then sister-in-law who had severe health issues and was following the diet. I revisited The Body Ecology diet, and this time I adhered strictly to it for a year, and reintroduced fruit very slowly as instructed, and the program restored me to optimal health.”

It truly is possible to rid yourself of candida overgrowth even if you’ve tried everything

This is when most people come to us. And the overwhelming majority succeed in creating a beautifully balanced and harmonious inner ecology.  Not only do they succeed, but they become more in tune with the foods that make their body thrive.

Tess talks more about this:

“It is impossible to completely eradicate candida. But rather, the goal of The Body Ecology Diet is to restore the strength of the immune system and alkalize the body so that a healthy bacterial balance can prevail to foster optimal bodily function.

The first step in restoring healthy body ecology is to reverse the overgrowth of candida. The only way to do this is to starve the yeast and bad bacteria, and provide a strong inner ecosystem that makes it impossible for them to thrive and take over.

By eating an alkaline, mineral-rich diet that is very low in sugar, and consuming probiotic-rich foods such as coconut kefir, fresh land and sea vegetables, and sauerkraut we provide an environment for life-affirming bacteria to recolonize and rebuild the strength of our inner body ecology.

The friendly bacteria (the most common being lactobacillus and bifidus) are vital for maintaining healthy digestion and elimination, as well as fighting disease and infection.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The 7 pillars of thriving gut health: get rid of candida for good

One of the many tools that made Tess successful with getting rid of candida was how she really honed in on the 7 Principles of the Body Ecology Diet.  These are scientifically-backed principles that lay the foundation for a thriving inner ecology to be created.

Read more on food balancing, straight from Tess:

  1.  Contraction + Expansion.  Just like a healthy balance of bacteria is required in the body for optimum health, so too is a balance between contractive (closed, tight, soft, dark) and expansive (released, open, relaxed, active) forces (ie, food).
  2. Acid + Alkaline. When a highly acidic diet is consumed, the body must rely on its alkaline mineral reserves (known as alkaline buffers) in an attempt to balance this acidity.  This results in nutrient leaching within the body which contributes to disease. 
  3. Uniqueness.  The concept of flexibility resonates with me. Adopting an intuitive approach to diet and healing that adapts to your body’s changing needs is a prudent approach to health.
  4. Cleansing.  Disease occurs when our bodies become overwhelmed with deep-seated toxins and pathogens and are no longer able to cleanse effectively. Support the cleansing process by engaging in colon hydrotherapy (through a qualified colon hydrotherapist) which helps expel the toxins more quickly.   I have been doing it for 20 years.
  5. Food Combining.  The inclusion of proper food combining is one of the most important principles that elevates The Body Ecology Diet above other anti-candida diets. When we combine incompatible foods ( starches and proteins, or fruits with other things), they remain in the digestive canal longer than they need to, and ferment, rot, and putrefy.
  6. 80/20.  Donna advocates the “80/20 rule” that is recommended by many doctors and health-care professionals. Refrain from overeating. This puts a strain on the body. Only eat only until you are 80% full, and leave the remaining 20% of your energy to be available for proper digestion.
  7. Step-by-Step.  Listen to your body and be patient as it heals in its own time. Every human body is different and it can take varying times to eliminate the toxins and restore your natural body ecology. The toxins built up over time, and so it is only natural that the elimination will take time. We cannot expect instant healing.

Cranberry Almond Smoothie

Using the food combining principle, here is Tess’ popular cranberry almond smoothie that helped her get through Stage 1 of the diet.

Image courtesy of Tess Masters, The Blender Girl.

Highlighting food balancing principles and lifestyle shifts that align with your body’s natural rhythm can make an enormous difference in the cultivation of a thriving inner ecology.

We’d like to thank Tess for sharing her story in order to give you hope and support!

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