Salt and Your Skin: Can Eating the RIGHT Kind of Salt Really Make You Beautiful?

It is an unfortunate and common fact that the amount of refined salt found in processed foods is astronomical and can affect your health for the worse, taking its toll on the fresh and healthy glow of your skin.

The main issue behind this is that processed foods are full of the wrong kind of salt since they are made from refined sodium with added chemicals, sugars, preservatives, and bicarbonates. This means that refined salt is stripped of more than 60 essential minerals and includes such preservatives as aluminum hydroxide, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s in the U.S.

According to the 2010 recommendations of the American Heart Association, an adult should have no more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day. If you are eating the standard American diet, then you are already taking in way too much sodium, thus negatively affecting the beauty of your skin.

But wait! There is good news in all of this… You can begin to improve the health of your skin by making the simple switch to the right kind of salt as opposed to the harmful sodium found in many processed foods.

Your answer can be found in mineral-rich sea salts from the ocean.

Yes, sea salt is full of minerals that will nourish your body, keep your blood alkaline, and even increase the benefits you receive from other foods. Interestingly enough, sea salt is the most alkalizing food on the acid/alkaline spectrum. For this reason, we firmly believe that cooking with and sprinkling on high quality sea salt should not be just an “extra” in your diet but should become an essential component for helping you stay biochemically in balance. Balance is one of the most important secrets for health, longevity, and beauty.

So how could a deficiency in nourishing sea salt affect the quality of your skin?

Here are the many ways that sea salt benefits your skin:

  • Aiding in nutrient absorption in your intestinal tract
  • Promoting healthy cellular maintenance, resulting in fresh and vibrant skin cells
  • Boosting your immune system to make you more resistant to skin infections and disease
  • Reducing fluid retention so that your skin remains radiant and luminous
  • Relieving skin diseases and skin allergies
  • Reducing toxins to promote clear skin

For this reason, it is highly essential to give your body the healthy minerals that it is craving so that it can repair and restore your skin from the inside out. All of the above benefits of sea salt in the diet are quite impressive, and they work together flawlessly to improve the quality and tone of your skin.

To begin with, boosting nutrient absorption through eating healthy sea salt will quickly supply your skin with the nutrients it needs to repair skin disorders, dryness, flakiness, and an uneven skin tone. Eating healthy salts will additionally help to regulate your sleep patterns so that your body can rest and repair itself to help you wake up looking refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Furthermore, having healthy levels of sea salt in your body will reduce fluid retention, which often leaves your complexion looking dull, lackluster, and flat. If you have ever wondered what to do to get glowing and clear skin synonymous with youth, the simple answer is found in staying hydrated so that you can effectively flush toxins from your body. Eating the right kind of healthy salt works hand-in-hand with hydration because it will reduce unsightly and uncomfortable fluid retention so that your skin looks fresh and youthful. What a dramatic difference!

Salt and The Body Ecology Diet

The Body Ecology Principle of Balance shows us that foods can cause either an expansive or a contractive energy within your body. Salt is a very contracting food, and when you eat too much salty food, you could feel thirstier, uptight, and even stressed out. To create the balance that your body must have to be healthy, you will start to crave expansive foods, like sugar and carbs. Once you eat the sugary, sweet food, it won’t be long before you find yourself craving something salty again. Swinging back and forth, in and out of balance, creates a never-ending cycle of eating salty snacks and then reaching for a sugary soda.

Fact: Salt is a powerful substance. It has the power to cause our body to become too contracted or too expansive. Both states are not healthy. Yet we can use salt to create balance as well. Sea salt is a medicinalsubstance and can be an important healing food.

There is no right amount of salt for everyone. For example, we do not all need 1 teaspoon of salt in our diet each day. Each of us has different needs, and those needs change daily and seasonally.

Fact: Your need for salt varies every day!

As we stated earlier, some people are quite sensitive to sodium and need less, while others need more. Your activity matters. Those of us who exercise regularly or are very active will need more salt. Additionally, men have more red blood cells and need more salt than women. Children under the age of two need very little salt.

For all of the ladies out there, it helps to cut back on your salt intake after ovulation. In order for your period to start smoothly, you do not want to be uptight and too contracted. Understanding something as simple as this helps your body shift naturally into balance and relaxes your uterus so that it can easily cleanse its lining. Try this and see if you don’t have fewer pre-period cravings for sugary sweet foods like chocolate and ice cream a few days before your monthly cleansing starts!

Fact: When your energy is low, you will naturally want to add more salt to your food. This is because your adrenals and thyroid require a lot of minerals to stay healthy and to perform their important job of providing energy to your body. Your thyroid and adrenals want salty food because they need minerals.

But you can’t supply all the minerals they need each moment with sea salt, even mineral-rich sea salt. Just see this craving as a “sign” that you need to add more minerals to your body in other ways. Dark green leafy vegetables (like kale and collards) and ocean vegetables are excellent sources of minerals. Body Ecology’s Ocean Plant Extract and our Ancient Earth Minerals are a daily must.

To give your body the essential minerals it needs to thrive each day, stick to the simple Body Ecology guidelines above, and you won’t be confused by what you read elsewhere about salt.

Quality matters and quantity changes – based on your unique needs. Listen to your body and follow your intuition but always give your precious body the highest quality, mineral-rich sea salt that it needs to function at its best every day!

To receive numerous healthy skin benefits from your daily salt intake, pass up the salt shaker and instead use Celtic Sea Salt®, which is renowned as one of the healthiest salts available. It is made with natural cultivation methods passed down over centuries, where salt farmers stirred the ocean waters until crystals were formed. The sea salt was then harvested to be pure, chemical-free, and biologically active to give your body the essential minerals that it’s craving.

Isn’t it wonderful news that you don’t have to give up the salty taste that you love to stay healthy and have a radiant skin tone?

Here is another testimonial from a happy Body Ecology fan:

My skin is sooo clear now. I work part-time in a health-food store and men & women both make comments. They think I’m wearing makeup, but I’m not. They all want to know what I use. 🙂 I tell them to clean the liver and the colon and send them to your website! Thanks Donna! Can’t wait for the training and your new book!! – Kathy Jones, Facebook

Coconut Oil

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