Reducing Toxic Load – Liver Flush

One of the most vital exercises to undertake, at this time in our collective health journey, is definitely a Liver Cleanse.  The world renowned Sophia Health Clinic is offering a LIVE Liver Flush program (mentored by the team from Sophia Health Institute).  

Click to learn more & watch a 2-minute video by clinic Cofounder Dr. Christine Schaffner.

This 10-day program combines Sophia Health Institute’s unique liver and gallbladder flush protocols with advanced liver hygiene techniques, which include liver herbs and supplements alongside powerful support from the Sophia Cleanse Coaches (and a private peer community).

“If there ever was a time in human development to make the liver an easy portal through which viruses can be eliminated, the time is now.” ~ Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Cofounder of The Sophia Health Institute

This program is the restart button we ALL need to reduce toxic load, improve immunity, create energy and healthy living, anti-aging, disease prevention, and even weight loss.

The Liver & Gallbladder Flush removes the bacteria, pathogens, and toxins, and recycles worn-out RBCs & WBCs and keeps your blood and body healthy.

If you’ve wanted to do a liver flush, this elevated, mentored program is how you take the fear out of the process.

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PS: With this unique, affordable program you receive:

  • Sophia Health Clinic Proprietary Step-by-Step Liver Flush Program
  • Access to the Sophia Cleanse Coaches
  • Live Q&A Sessions Daily with the Liver Flush Coaches
  • Guides and Support Materials
  • Physicians’ Standard Liver Cleanse
  • Physicians’ Standard O2 Cleanse
  • Potassium Chloride Packet
  • Liver Support Recipes & Shopping Lists
  • Motivation & Support via Email and the Sophia Private FB Group
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