Pique Pu’er Tea: The Science Behind This Coveted Tea for Gut Health [RECIPE INCLUDED]

This new tea from Pique Tea is next level!  You know my love for them as a pure tea that is so incredibly helpful for gut health. And as you well know there are a ton of teas out there.

While I’ve tried many, this one fascinated me…Fermented Pu’er (poo-erh) teas are known as the ‘King of Teas.’ They are fermented like kombucha but don’t contain any sugar. They are also by far the most expensive and most revered by health experts in Asia.

Unfortunately, it’s SO HARD to find a pure and reliable source of Fermented Pu’er Tea that is tested by labs, endorsed by doctors and backed by science that few can reap it’s incredible gut health benefits.

Well, here is some amazing news.  Pique has just launched Fermented Pu’er Teas! Their teas are wild-harvested from 250-year-old trees and are the result of living probiotics-beneficial microorganisms like bacteria and fungi-and have been used to support gut health and microbiome diversity for centuries.

In order to strengthen the immune system to create a balanced inner ecosystem, research shows how much we can benefit from probiotics like those in a fermented probiotic drink like Cocobiotic.  Check out our recipe below and mix it with some Pique tea, and you have a delicious powerhouse of a gut health spritzer!

Wait… 250 year old tea trees!? Yes.

The founder of Pique even made a video documenting their trip and the trees they harvested from. The deep roots of these ancient trees draw trace minerals and precious nutrients from the deep earth into their leaves, which you then drink.

The leaves also go through a miraculous microbial fermentation process creates beneficial polyphenol compounds called theaflavins, which enhances the flavor and provides incredible health benefits unique to Fermented Pu’er Teas:

  • Concentrated polyphenols content supports immunity and balanced microbiome
  • Probiotics in the tea increase the diversity of your gut flora
  • Concentrated theaflavin supports cardiovascular health

Pu’er tea is a must-have for anyone who wants a healthy gut to support digestion, immune function, intermittent fasting and so much more!

Green (Raw) Pu’er, the result of partial fermentation, where beneficial microbes have started the process to metabolize catechins into black tea flavonols.

It is a live tea that continues its fermentation even in crystal form, the combination of catechins, amino acids, theaflavin and probiotics in this supertea deliver the holy grail for immune supportand cellular regeneration.

Black (Ripe) Pu’er is the result of a transformative fermentation process where beneficial microbes (probiotics) cause green tea to turn completely black, producing theaflavins, thearubigins and GABA.

Probiotics in this tea support the biodiversity of your gut microbiome, while flavonols like theaflavin (prebiotics) supply nutrients to healthy bacteria. An optimal microbiota balance is thus created-the way it’s been done for centuries in the East.

(Ingredients: Organic fermented and wild-harvested Camellia sinensis var. assamica, nothing else)

Pique’s Founder, Simon Cheng, is calling the Fermented Pu’er Teas his “crowning achievement” and “the best teas Pique or any other tea company will ever launch.”

Get “The King of Teas” here.

In order to not only keep your gut happy and healthy, but keep you satisfied and feeling like you’re not skimping whether enjoying a spritzer at home or party, we whipped up this delicious spritzer that has the ability to refresh and revive!


4 ounces CocoBiotic
Pique tea sachet of your choice
3-4 drops of stevia
Top with mineral water

Stir and enjoy!


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