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This is your last chance to unlock these COMPLIMENTARY gifts about nutrition solutions for ADHD and autism from Julie Matthews. When you do, you’ll learn how children can heal and thrive with strategic nutritional intervention.

+ Practical Nutrition Steps to Better Health, Learning & Behavior eGuide
+ 30 Recipes and Food Lists for 12 Therapeutic Diets eBook
+ Guide to Food Intolerances, Therapeutic Diets, and Personalized Nutrition
+ What the Science Says special report
+ 3 Interview Transcripts from Unlocking ADHD & Autism with Personalized Nutrition from HealthMeans

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kefir starter

Named “the magic elixir” by Moms.  When I began introducing kefir to kids with autism or ADHD, Moms couldn’t believe the difference they saw in their children from one tiny nutritional change.  The probiotics are derived straight from Mother Nature to instinctively guide the gut microbiome to rebalance itself.  The Body Ecology kefir is strain-specific, not wild fermented (which is what you don’t want).    It’s easy to make at home too (instructions come with the kefir).  And when you add in some Reb A Stevia, the kefir becomes a sweet treat for kids who are picky eaters and reluctant to try new food.  

Focus on personalized (bio-individual) nutrition to improve health, learning, and behavior.

I encourage you to do so —>> when you do, you ALSO GET a ton of other free resources from last week’s Unlocking ADHD & Autism with Personalized Nutrition, including:

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+ It’s encore weekend at Unlocking ADHD & Autism with Personalized Nutrition

You can start reading (and downloading) these eBooks now:
+ Let’s “Talk” About ADHD eBook from HealthMeans
+ Indispensable Essential Oils Starter Guide from Eric Zilenski, DC
+ GABA and Tryptophan: Amino Acid Solutions for Anxiety, Sugar Cravings & Insomnia eGuide from Trudy Scott, CN
+ Sugar Detox eBook from 365 Daily Health
+ Your Mind-Body Fast Track eBook and Videos from Dr. Ameet Aggarwal
+ The Brain Regeneration eGuide from Dr. David Jockers
+ Autoimmune Fix Recipes eBook from Dr. Tom O’Bryan
+ Brain Rejuvenation eGuide from Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo
+ 25 Strategies to Calm Autism & ADD/ADHD eGuide from Jodi Cohen
+ The Dark Autism Secret eReport from Adam Roth

These assets are all about giving you knowledge about good health, for the whole family.

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Then, this weekend, I hope you can find time to attend Encore Weekend at Unlocking ADHD & Autism with Personalized Nutrition and learn successful strategies and actionable tools you can use to improve your child’s attention, focus, behavior and mood issues.

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As always, please share with family and friends too – it may change the course of their health journey!

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PS:   I encourage you to find time in your schedule to download these eBooks mentioned ASAP, since they disappear once the event ends, then learn from 2-3 of the “featured” talks this weekend — you’ll see how incredible this event truly is!


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