Pandemic Recovery Summit with Dr. Mary Clifton + 39 Experts | Donna Gates, Body Ecology

My friend Dr. Mary Clifton was able to get 39+ experts together on short notice for a FREE 4-day online event, created exclusively for those concerned by the COVID-19 outbreak.

I’ll be there too, and we’ll go over how to …

  • Optimize your health and wellness
  • Figure out how to have a consistent food supply chain
  • Establish a reliable source of electricity, shelter and all the things that you need
  • Maintain your personal freedom and the liberty to make your own decisions
  • Deepen your relationships and friendships
  • And so much more…

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The Pandemic Recovery Summit truly represents a new way to help you feel calm, safe and secure in your new normal, with systems and strategies designed to work.

This isn’t pandemic survival “theory” — this event will reveal a new foundation for finding courage to be resilient and confident in the face of adversity in today’s crazy and ever-changing world.

I hope the feelings of uncertainty, worry or confusion are drastically reduced after you see this. This summit brings together all of the tools and resources to help you protect your family and your future.

It’s nice to learn what experts are doing so that you can apply what they share.   I hope to see you there, and I really hope this advice helps.

[Grab your FREE registration while it’s free.]




P.S.: I want to help Dr. Mary get the word out about the event. Can you share the free registration link via email or social media with a few others you may know?  They’ll also be able to claim their own free pass. I’d really appreciate it, thank you!

P.S.S: Simply [>> CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT <<] before life gets in the way and you forget!

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