Nuclear Protection: This Discovery Will Change Your Life and Your Health

Recently, there has been an international decision to rethink nuclear power.

Nuclear energy has been controversial for quite some time. When accidents happen, such as Fukushima (2011), Three Mile Island (1979), or Chernobyl (1986), the impact it can have on people and the environment is significant. Globally, we are rethinking our nuclear energy policy.

  • Germany has decided to close all reactors by 2022.
  • Italy has voted to ban nuclear power for decades. (1)

In addition to accidents, nuclear power generates nuclear waste, which no one knows how to dispose of. Highly reactive nuclear waste is therefore stored until we figure out what to do with it.

Is there a safe alternative that may change your health and our world?

For over 50 years, scientists have recognized the potential of fusion energy. It has been thought that if scientists could produce subatomic catalysts more efficiently or if they could strike the right energy balance, fusion would be a practical energy source. Fusion power has many benefits:

  • Far less expensive than nuclear fission. This is because there are no necessary expenses to protect against meltdown or catastrophe. Also, expensive fission materials like uranium and plutonium are not used.
  • Produces hardly any greenhouse gases. In fusion, only helium is produced.
  • Does not produce toxic, harmful waste. Any waste that is produced is completely neutral and harmless.

So, why have we not switched over to fusion power?

Until recently, scientists were not able to establish the correct energy balance. In order to create fusion power, something called a muon is used to catalyze the event.

  • A muon is very similar to an electron.
  • Oftentimes, a muon even acts like an electron.
  • However, a muon is heavier than an electron. A muon is 207 times more massive than an electron.
  • For this reason, a muon can actually create an isotope (or look-alike) of certain atoms, such as hydrogen.
A company based in Australia called Star Scientific Ltd. claims to have developed a technique to make muon-catalyzed fusion a viable energy source.

Star Scientific Ltd. has developed the first sustainable, economical technique to generate enough muons that will support ongoing fusion. The following video shines light on many of the consequences of the world’s current energy technologies and how they affect your health.

So what to do in the meantime with the growing concern of radiation exposure? When the body is overwhelmed with waste products, it will store the waste in fat tissue until it can dispose of it. This leads to toxicity and sets the body up for disease.

The damage done by the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown will have long-term effects on the planet, not just to those living near the damage site.

The best way to cleanse the body of radioactive material is with seaweed.

Specifically, the best seaweed to use is Laminaria japonica, which is an excellent source of Iodine 127. L. japonica seaweed was studied and used extensively after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Researchers have found that it contains alginates. Alginates:

  • Naturally absorb radioactive elements, heavy metals, and free radicals.
  • Will bind both radioactive elements and heavy metals with its own molecular structure.
  • Cannot be broken down by the body. Therefore they are excreted with toxins from the body.

Body Ecology Ocean Plant Extract is an extremely concentrated source of L. japonica.

Ocean Plant Extract is one the most reliable and concentrated source of L. japonica available. In addition to L. japonica, fermented vegetables are another excellent way to protect and cleanse your body of toxic radioactive byproducts. This is because the microflora:

  • Regulate immune function.
  • Reduce the inflammatory response.
  • Break down heavy toxins in the body.

When making cultured vegetables at home, add seaweed to the mix! While other seaweeds like hijiki or arame are not quite as potent as L. japonica, they will still give your body an organic form of iodine and provide detoxifying alginates. Be sure to soak seaweed in fresh water and then rinse before adding to your fermented veggie mix.

What To Remember Most About This Article:

Nuclear energy is controversial since nuclear power accidents generate toxic waste that is difficult to dispose of. Scientists have been exploring safer alternatives to protect our health and the environment, like using fusion power as an energy source. Fusion power is beneficial because it’s less expensive, produces hardly any greenhouse gases, and doesn’t produce toxic waste. However, scientists are still experimenting to find the correct energy balance to safely use this power source.

Until then, you can protect your body from radiation exposure by cleansing regularly with seaweed. Seaweed naturally absorbs radioactive materials, heavy metals, and free radicals to flush harmful toxins from the body. Ocean Plant Extract offers the best source of seaweed as a supplement to boost immune function, reduce inflammation, and detoxify the body of harmful materials.

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  1. Sylvia Westall and Fredrik Dahl. “IAEA Head Sees Wide Support for Stricter Nuclear Plant Safety”. Scientific American. Jun. 24 2011.
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