What Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Is (NAFLD) and Why EVERYONE Needs to Know How to Prevent It

You probably do regular maintenance on your car, but what about your body? Your liver acts like your car’s “oil filter” and with today’s Standard American Diet, it can become clogged up, causing Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

How much do you think about the health of your liver? Probably not very much.

Now think about how often you change the oil and oil filter in your car.

It could be several times a year, or more!

Needless to say, your liver is vastly more important than the oil in your car, but you may not be caring for it properly.

Similar to your car’s oil filter, your liver is a filter for all the toxins in your entire body.

Poorly digested food, sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, heavy metals (like lead and mercury), pesticides and pollutions are all filtered through your liver.

And if you have bad bacteria and yeast in your intestines, then you could have leaky gut. As a result of leaky gut, bacterial toxins can travel through your intestinal wall and enter your liver too, along with all the other toxins from your food and environment.

Your liver has to process ALL of these toxins, with the help of bile and your gall bladder.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your liver makes bile (a bitter, alkaline substance) that is stored in your gall bladder between meals.
  • After eating, your gall bladder releases the bile, helping get rid of toxic waste and digesting fats.

If you have toxic overload, your liver becomes overwhelmed. Then the liver cells die of toxic overload and are replaced by fat.

This condition is known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, or NAFLD.
Without reducing your toxic load and helping your liver get rid of wastes, you could be experiencing an overwhelmed liver, setting the stage for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, cirrhosis, and even death.

Fatty Liver: The Diet Connection

Unfortunately, NAFLD is becoming more common among adults and even children!

“I can remember doing hundreds of surgery cases and noting fat in the liver, and 20 years ago no one thought much about it. Now we know NAFLD can occur in the non-obese as well as the obese.”

Dr. Leonard Smith, Gastrointestinal, Vascular and General Surgeon

That’s right, you do not have to be obese or an alcoholic to be at risk for NAFLD!

Doctors recently studied the effects of different carbohydrates on fat levels in the body, and they discovered that a diet with high-glycemic carbohydrates resulted in twice the normal amount of fat in bodies, blood, and livers as the same diet with low-glycemic carbs.

Interestingly, the different diets did not result in weight gain. That means your weight could be normal, but you could still have a fatty liver and not even realize it!

The best way to prevent and reverse NAFLD, then, is to change the carbohydrates that you consume.

High-glycemic carbohydrates like sugar, most cereals, white bread, most processed foods and white rice are rapidly absorbed. They result in a blood sugar spike and cause your body to release insulin. The insulin tells your body to store fat.

Low-glycemic carbohydrates, on the other hand, include most vegetables, fruits and the Body Ecology grain-like seeds. These low-glycemic carbohydrates are slowly absorbed into your blood stream, do not rapidly increase your blood sugar and do not spike insulin.

So if you are concerned about NAFLD, then you need to start eating low-glycemic carbs.

Fortunately, the Body Ecology program naturally protects your liver!

The Body Ecology system of health and healing provides a practical and delicious approach to eating with plenty of low-glycemic foods that protect your liver from NAFLD, detoxify your body, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Eating low-glycemic carbohydrates can heal your liver. Help it along with LivAmend, a special formula that increases bile flow to detoxify your liver. It even improves elimination and can be used for symptoms of menopause! Get your LivAmend today!

At a time when Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease has become more common in adults and children, , it’s imperative that we take steps to reverse this dangerous condition. Body Ecology’s LivAmend liver support supplement can help.

Formulated with 3 special plant ingredients, LivAmend improves the flow of bile, helps detoxify your liver and enhances elimination. Certified Body Ecology Coach, Bekki Medsker even uses LivAmend to treat clients experiencing menopause. In addition to your healthy diet, LivAmend can get your liver back on track.

So take this as a wake-up call. It’s time to take better care of your body than you do your car!

For a healthy liver, remember these 3 tips:

  1. Reduce your exposure to toxins.
  2. Help your body (and liver!) detoxify.
  3. Follow a healthy nutritional plan, like Body Ecology, to keep your liver AND your whole body, in tip top condition!

Taking even one of these steps today can go a long way to creating liver health!


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