Super Spirulina Plus™! A Protein Supplement that is Easy to Digest, Nutrient-Dense, and Supports the Immune System

Take Super Spirulina Plus™ along with you on your travels. It’s so simple to mix a serving no matter where you are, and get that vibrant feeling of a balanced system!

Body Ecology has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the benefits of fermentation. When Donna set out to develop a protein supplement, she wanted it to have the same miraculous benefits that she knew fermentation could provide.   Super Spirulina Plus™ was born as the first of its kind, fermented protein supplement.

It was designed to be more than just a reliable source of energy—we wanted it to aid in the digestive process, to create a healing environment in the gut, and to be so gentle and cleansing that it actually supports immune function and the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Donna was also concerned about our country’s obsession with meat protein. As with our fixation about avoiding saturated fat, our obsession with protein-heavy diets has resulted in some serious misperceptions and health problems.

Animal protein can be stressful on the liver and kidneys. As we’ve seen with certain popular diets that promote animal protein and high fat, such an over-emphasis on meat protein and avoidance of healthy fats and vegetable carbs can result in an acidic condition and a reduction in glucose. This leads to weight gainpremature aging, and a greater susceptibility to infection. As we grow older, our energy needs increase, but at the same time our capacity to digest animal protein diminishes. We need to find sources of protein that are just as effective as meat, but are also less harsh and easier to digest.

Inspired by Spirulina

The first thing we did was seek sources of protein that were extremely powerful, nutrient-dense, and vegetarian. After meticulous research, we developed a combination of spirulinaquinoamillet, biodynamic rice, soybeans, chickpeas, flax seeds, and alfalfa seeds. Some of these superfoods, like quinoa and spirulina, are the most nutritionally complete foods available, very high in amino acids, iron, and minerals. Read more about the ingredients in Super Spirulina Plus™.

Spirulina, the primary ingredient in Super Spirulina Plus™, is unlike anything on the market.  It has an incredibly high protein content—60 to 65%, compared to the 16 to 17% found in wheat protein. One of the oldest foods on the planet — even used by NASA astronauts in space — spirulina may protect cell membranes and DNA from free radical damage.1  Studies have shown that spirulina supports immune function, T-cell proliferation, and antibody production.1-5  In short, it might protect the body from stress and toxins and build immunity to possibly be able to resist disease and fight infection.1-5

Why Fermented Spirulina?

One of the first things many people want to know about protein supplements is how many grams of protein they contain. What they don’t realize is that most of these grams are not being assimilated by the body at all. All those grams of protein are ending up as waste material because our digestive systems are simply too compromised and inefficient to utilize them. The question people should be asking is: “How much of the protein in this supplement is actually getting to my cells?”

The only way to make the nutrients and proteins in a protein supplement bioavailable is by fermentation.

All of the ingredients in Super Spirulina Plus™ are fermented with live, naturally occurring lactobacillus bacteria. Because the nutrients in Super Spirulina Plus™ are predigested by the lactobacillus, they are easily accessed and utilized by the body.

If you were to eat spirulina raw, you may experience indigestion and bloating. The strong chlorophyll and beta-carotene concentration would surface on the skin in a rather unattractive orange pallor.  But when the spirulina is fermented, these complaints are rare. Because it is predigested, it is very easy to assimilate and allows the body to absorb nearly all of the protein that is present.

Did You Know?

Russian peasants used to ferment all their cabbage? During the winter, when they couldn’t grow and harvest, they  lived on the nutrient-rich juice from the cabbage. Without fermentation, we would never have survived as a species! Refrigeration and preservatives have given us greater convenience, but not necessarily greater health. These modern “improvements” stopped us from fermenting our foods, with grave consequences.

Ok, What About Purity?

You are right to be concerned about the purity of your supplements’ ingredients and manufacturing processes. Body Ecology was able to partner with Grainfields Australia on this product, a company we have worked with in the past and trust.

All of the ingredients in Super Spirulina Plus™ are fermented using a proprietary process called FloraFerm™. This process utilizes the natural bacteria found in the leaves and stems of plants and vegetables—nothing artificial and no extracts. In short, the bacteria are coming from the very foods we are meant to eat, in their whole form. Everything is natural. Everything is organic. The spirulina—which is an algae—is grown in a closed circuit system, meaning it is not exposed to environmental contaminants such as air pollutants. When tested, our spirulina registers far below the industry standards for lead and mercury.

This highly absorbable probiotic superfood is your best bet for reaping the amazing benefits of spirulina and our other powerful ingredients. Without the fermentation, you risk not being able to absorb these amazing foods.

Super Spirulina Plus™ is gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free. Vegan-friendly, Super Spirulina Plus™ is also certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, and contains no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Who is This For?

A Bestseller on Australia’s QVC!

What we love about this product is that it reaches people from every walk of life, from athletes who are looking for a gentler yet more effective protein source to overtaxed moms and dads of children who are nutritionally deficient. Early anecdotal results on the product indicate that older people are really enjoying Super Spirulina Plus™—it gives them a lot of energy; it’s gentle on their systems; and they’ve even seen improvements in cognitive function.

So . . . stop that meaningless protein gram counting . . . choose a supplement that gets the protein to where it is needed most.

Super Spirulina Recommended Serving Size and Instructions

½ to 1 tsp. a day of Super Spirulina Plus™ should be taken with warm or cold water. It can also be added to smoothies, salad dressings, and sprinkled over everything.

Super Spirulina Plus™ Recipes

For recipe ideas, read: 4 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Super Spirulina Plus

Super Spirulina Plus™ should not be consumed with alcohol, soft drinks or coffee, as these beverages can destroy some of the valuable nutrients and enzymes in this product.


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