New 90-Day Detox Mentorship Program

This Summer, I have been invited to be one of three VIP guest teachers in a brand new 90-Day Detoxification Mentorship, offered by Christine Schaffner, ND and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, with an advanced focus on Assessment, Drainage, and Toxins (plus some powerful bonuses). (And, if you act in the next few days, the program is $50 off.)

When it comes to detoxification, most people are missing some of the most important steps, like assessment, for instance (which is where practitioners begin).

Dr. Schaffner’s upcoming course is about breaking down the most advanced protocols and moving past the typical “smoothie” or supplement approach.  

Click below to discover Demystifying Detox: Assessment, Drainage, Toxins and More.

90-Day Detox Membership - hosted by Dr. Christine Schaffner








You will learn…

  • Assessment protocols (understanding where you are, right NOW, so you know what to do)
  • Step-by-step protocols to optimize elimination and reset your health!
  • Advanced techniques to optimize detox efforts 
  • Discover connections between your lifestyle and your symptoms
  • Bring your questions to Q&A calls (with carefully selected, world renowned colleagues)
  • How to minimize future exposure to toxins in your environment

This is not D-I-Y.  It is D-I-We, with every training delivered live.  (You will have permanent access to all videos, audios, slides and other supporting materials, and transcripts!)

This mentorship offers some of the most elevated information and protocols on detoxification, immunity, infections, environmental toxicants. 

I’ll be teaching “Colonics, Nutritional Implants and Home Enemas” (some of the most important pieces to the detox puzzle)!

I know this program will begin a new chapter in your highest health journey!

Can’t wait to see you there! 




PS:  Here are the bonuses, with more to come:

  • Bonus #1: Access to 19 valuable trainings from the Heavy Metals Summit!
  • Bonus #2: Join Dr. Christine’s private, peer-mentored Facebook Group for members.
  • Bonus #3, 4 and 5:  Three POWERFUL trainings from guest experts in healthcare! (Dr. Tom O’Bryan, my good friend Ann Louise Gittleman, and me!)
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