Natural Beauty Tips for Radiant Skin and Hair in the Summertime

Want to have shiny hair and radiant skin for that summer glow? You CAN do this and boost your energy too, by discovering the amazing benefits of probiotics.

We all know that when we are not feeling good on the inside, it shows on the outside.  But did you know that outside signs of radiant skin and shiny hair are important markers of health inside your body as well?

The stresses and strains of daily life, other factors such as eating sugar, taking antibiotics, birth control pills and over the counter drugs, can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and weaken your immune system.

It is in fact, these habits of modern living that can lead to dull, tired looking skin and dry, lifeless hair.

Advertisements on TV and in magazines assure us that beauty products applied topically are the solution to hair and skin problems. Soaps, shampoos, lotions and potions are all we need to have pore-less, radiant, wrinkle free skin. It is this quest for looking our best that has created a $160 billion-a-year global beauty industry.1

Unfortunately, while these beauty products may help to a certain degree, they do not get to the root cause of hair and skin problems: poor health and immunity.

So where do you start when you want to address the core foundation of beautiful skin? Your inner ecosystem!

Do you even have one?

You may feel relatively healthy, but many millions of us lack a vibrant inner ecosystem…that vital community of beneficial bacteria and yeast that live in your intestines and keep you healthy and strong. These “microscopic good guys” become your best health team by helping you digest and assimilate your food, helping MAKE the nutrients your body needs and also fighting off health-robbing pathogens.

Healthy bacteria and yeast, often called microflora, are the missing link to great health AND beautiful skin and hair!

So instead of buying all of those potions and lotions that often don’t live up to their promises, we suggest boosting your health and your beauty at the same time—BODY ECOLOGY STYLE.

Four Body Ecology Beauty (and Anti-Aging) Secrets

  1. Include Fermented Foods and Drinks – Fermented foods and drinks are your true beauty secret! They give you the most bang for your beauty buck because they are full of the right probiotics to re-colonize your inner ecosystem with healthy microflora. Pro means for and biotics means life. Pro-biotics bring life inside you and it shows on the outside with glowing, radiant skin.

    Fermented foods and drinks add a continual supply of “the good guys” who are on your side when it comes to creating youthful beauty and longevity. To learn more, read How to Get Healthier Skin: the Absolute Most Effective Steps to Vibrant, Younger Looking Skin and Want to Look Younger & Better? Discover 8 Reasons Why Probiotics are an Essential Tool.

  2. Correct Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies – Did you know that beneficial microflora are a must for extracting and retaining minerals and vitamins and that hair and skin problems can be a sign of vitamin and mineral deficiencies? Vitamins A, B, C and D are essential vitamins for healthy skin and hair.

    Minerals feed your adrenals and thyroid, boosting your energy. They also help your blood stay more alkaline. In a nutshell, minerals are essential for beautiful bodies, hair, nails and skin.

    Vitamin D3 is the “sunshine vitamin” we want to store up on in these few short summer months. Vitamin D is actually a pro-hormone that regulates calcium and phosphorus making it essential for healthy bones and teeth, A lack of Vitamin D3 is linked to heart disease and various cancers including breast and colon cancer.

    So how do you boost your vitamins and minerals? Simple! Following the Body Ecology program will automatically give you a full range of valuable vitamins and minerals for youthful skin and hair. For example, our fermented young coconut kefir made from the water of the young Thai coconut is rich in potassium and sodium. An added plus is its “sulfurated” proteins that cleanse the liver and kidneys (your two toxin-filtering organs). You’ll see the difference in your skin almost immediately.

  3. Reduce or Eliminate Sugar – Sugar contributes to acidic blood and robs your body of those much-needed minerals we just talked about. It puts you on the fast tract to wrinkles and aging. Instead, use natural, calorie-free sweeteners that have health-boosting properties, like Stevia and Lakanto.

    When you do eat foods that are low in sugar…but widely available in the summer…like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. the microflora that play such an important role in The Diet carry out the important task of eating up that sugar so it doesn’t harm your body. You happily enjoy the delicious taste …the microflora just happily grow. Isn’t Nature amazing?

  4. Go Organic when You Purchase Your Food and Your Other Beauty Products — We are bombarded with enough toxins in the environment, so why add to the toxic load with conventional, pesticide-laden foods, shampoos, soaps and lotions? When you purchase organic, you gain more than pesticide-free protection. You also obtain nutrients dense nutrients grown in nutrient-dense soil that feed you from the inside out.

    That’s part of the organic promise.

    Toxins found in all commercial products quickly add to the aging process, create vitamin and mineral deficiencies, kill healthy microflora and lower your immunity. Going organic is another must step in creating beauty from the inside out!

    Just like choosing organic foods, choosing organic, natural beauty products is your best bet for nurturing healthy skin and hair.

    Your skin “eats” the products you put on it. It is also a major detoxification pathway. Treat it well by using only all-natural products like Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaprosemary essential oil (great for your hair!) and lavender essential oil (great for your skin!).

Skip those lotions and potions and build beautiful skin and hair from the inside out! Probiotic-rich InnergyBiotic is the first energy drink of its kind. It boosts your immunity and vitality naturally with whole food ingredients and the right probiotics for a balanced inner ecosystem. Add this tasty little secret to your beauty regimen today!  Get your InnergyBiotic in 1.25 Liter or our convenient travel sized bottle.

Body Ecology Beauty Secrets – Celebrities Use Them Too!

By incorporating the Body Ecology’s principles into your diet you can achieve not only amazing health success but also radiant looking skin, and shiny hair.

And guess what? Celebrities as well as up and coming actors and actresses are already putting Body Ecology beauty secrets to use! Learn more by reading an interview with beautiful Grey’s Anatomy actress Lauren Stamile, and her success with the Body Ecology system for health and healing.

You deserve to feel and look beautiful and you can achieve this with Body Ecology’s lifestyle and beauty secrets! Start today and get your copy of The Body Ecology Diet (with special FREE bonus!)


1 The Beauty Business. The Economist Print Edition. May 22, 2003.

1 The Beauty Business. The Economist Print Edition. May 22, 2003.
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