Natural Solutions for Allergies that Actually WORK!

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on February 14th, 2023

If you power through breathing issues, headaches, skin conditions, fatigue, or the many other allergy symptoms – including anxiety and depression – there are natural solutions that ACTUALLY work.

If you’re ready to go beyond coping with allergies or asthma, I invite you to join me at the Allergies & Asthma Summit March 13-19, 2023!

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allergies summit

What to Expect

  • Learn natural ways to control & overcome allergies & asthma
  • Discover dozens of tips to prevent asthma & allergy flare-ups
  • Deep dive on the difference between food allergies & sensitivities
  • Find out how allergies impact your gut, brain & immunity
  • Get the root cause approaches to hypersensitivity & intolerance
  • NEW INFO: Learn about immunotherapies & how they can RESTORE tolerance
  • And more!

allergies summitSummit Hosts

Your co-hosts, Dr. Darin Ingels and Dr. Kelly McCann, both experts in environmental medicine, have come together with over 40+ experts to help you take matters into your own hands and get back to doing the things you love.

With topics ranging from mold toxicity, MCAS and long haulers to pediatric and adolescent asthma, seasonal allergies and food allergies, they’re here to share their wisdom and knowledge to help you find long-term symptom relief.

Yes, you truly have the means to get started on better health today!

Don’t Miss Me at the Summit

I will be speaking about the connection between the gut microbiome and the lungs. You will learn:

  • What is candida?
  • Is it possible to have candida or fungal overgrowth in the lungs?
  • Some actionable tips to improve your gut/lung connection

allergies summit

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