More Go Green Tips For the Holiday Season

Go green this holiday season by repurposing old materials, planting a tree instead of cutting one down, and choosing natural gifts and products that are good for both you and the Earth.

Did you know that household waste increases by 25% during the holiday period1 between Thanksgiving and New Years?

We provided 5 go green tips for the holiday season in part 1 of this article. In part 2 of this article, we have more fun ideas to help you celebrate a more sustainable, earth-friendly holiday season.

Send Gifts With Sustainability In Mind

Most holiday packages are chock full of Styrofoam peanuts. Made of polystyrene foam, these ubiquitous packing peanuts take an estimated 1 million years to biodegrade and evidence shows that they produce toxic carcinogens to wildlife and humans both on land and in the sea.2

Instead, use old newspaper, scrap paper or other paper items you had planned to recycle. If you have a paper shredder, you can shred scrap paper and save that for when you send gifts through the mail.

Choose Gifts That Use Less Packaging

Too many products these days use excessive packaging in the name of marketing. How many products have you received that use a huge box for a tiny product? While in the past, big package marketing drove sales, consumers today are demanding smaller packaging.

During the holidays, many people are turning to gift certificates as one of the least wasteful gift-giving options. At Body Ecology, we wanted to provide that option as well, since so many people are sending gifts to loved ones this holiday season. If you’d like to join the sustainability movement and provide the gift of good health that is also gentler to the earth, call Body Ecology’s customer service team at 800-511-2660 and order your gift certificates today!

Go Outside To Source Natural Holiday Decorations

Instead of buying cheaply made plastic wreaths and other decorations that are bound to collect dust or be thrown away once the holidays are over, head outside!

The outdoors is a wonderful place to find natural decorations for your home and reap the therapeutic health benefits of being surrounded by nature. Bundle up and take your family for a nature outing and encourage your kids to collect pine needles, seeds and branches to make their own decorations. Remember not to take anything that is still alive!

When you’re done with the acorns and pine cones, return them to nature where they’ll decompose, or add them to your compost heap. Talk about zero waste!

Customer Service

Sustainable Gift Giving: Christmas is the biggest time of year for shipping packages. With an eye on sustainability, many people are choosing to send gift certificates to family and friends to cut down on packaging. Give the gift of good health this holiday season with Body Ecology gift certificates! To order yours today, call Body Ecology’s customer service team toll free at 800-511-2660 and order your gift certificate in time for the holidays!

Consider A Christmas Tree Alternative

Christmas trees are often unsustainably harvested. When you think about it, it seems silly to grow trees for the sole purpose of cutting them down, using them for a month, and trashing them a month later.

You can buy a mini, potted tree that you can keep in your home for several years and look forward to decorating with a handful of quality, sentimental ornaments. When it gets too big, plant it outside and start again! A wonderful option is a Dwarf Alberta Spruce , which you can place in a large Terra Cotta pot. It maxes out at around 6 feet, so you won’t have to worry about it taking over your home.

If you’re not a fan of fake Christmas trees, consider a tree-less Christmas or coming up with a new tradition, such as a small, wooden or metal tree sculpture that you can still decorate.

And One Bonus Tip — Upgrade Your Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas tree lights and outdoor decorating lights use 90% less energy than their older counterparts, and boast a 50,000-hour bulb life. Enough said!
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