Nourished Adrenals Promote Calm, Focused Children

Content reviewed by Donna Gates
Written by Body Ecology on November 15th, 2022

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For two thousand years, on the islands of Japan, generations of children were born to mothers and fathers who ate vegetables harvested from the ocean. As a result of this, each child was born with a wonderful inheritance-a huge bank of minerals that kept them strong, muscular, calm and focused throughout life. Their hair remained dark and shiny and their skin free of wrinkles. Japanese women also are known for having the longest lifespan of any other group of people.  

Minerals Support Strong Adrenals

Minerals from the ocean supplied by the fish and ocean vegetables, eaten at every meal also help create strong, healthy adrenals. Minerals are essential nutrients for creating healthy adrenals, and it is the adrenals, tiny walnut shaped organs sitting atop the kidneys that are the real workhorses of our body—and your child’s. Healthy adrenals create a calm, happy, focused human being. Strength, energy, focus, willpower to succeed, excellent muscle tone, beautiful skin, hair and nails are all the positive results of a diet rich in minerals. What parent wouldn’t want this for her child?

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Sadly, with the introduction of American foods like greasy pizza, cola, refined flour foods, fast food chains like McDonalds, huge quantities of sugar and lately artificial sweeteners, Japanese youth of today are losing their incredible inheritance. But American parents can benefit by noting what worked for the earlier generations of Japanese.

The Impact Of Prenatal Stress On Children’s Adrenals

impact of prenatal stress

Research has shown that when a mother experiences stress during her pregnancy, her baby’s adrenal cells are expanded. The child, in turn, will not handle stress as well in his/her own life. 

According to one study, “stressful life events, exposure to a natural disaster, and symptoms of maternal anxiety and depression increase the risk for the child having a range of emotional, behavioral and/or cognitive problems in later life. These include depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and/or conduct disorders.”

Other biological impacts of prenatal stress may include, “aberrations in neurodevelopment, neurocognitive function, cerebral processing, functional and structural brain connectivity involving amygdalae and (pre)frontal cortex, changes in hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA)-axis and autonomous nervous system.”

Nourished Adrenals Promote Calm, Focused Children

When their adrenals are well-nourished children are more calm and focused. Perhaps the best way to describe them is that they are naturally more “balanced” human beings. They may have more potential to succeed in life because they have more energy and willpower to stay with a project and see it to completion. They take the time to focus and reflect. They sit still and can be engaged in conversation.

The school systems of today are set up to teach this latter type of child, but they are overrun with poorly nourished children who lack minerals in their diet. So they’re bright but hyperactive. Once diagnosed with ADHD, the current solution is to give drugs to these exceptional children, labeling them as disruptive troublemakers.

Winter Is The Ideal  Time To Rest & Recharge The Adrenals

ancient earth mineralsThe Body Ecology Way is to nourish our children’s body and this means to nourish their adrenals. Ancient Earth Minerals liquid is a fast-absorbing liquid helps suppo rt the adrenal glands, thyroid, and immune function. Easily add 1-2 drops to your child’s water or favorite beverage. The electrolyte-rich formula aids in alkalizing, cleansing, and transporting nutrients, and contains a complete blend of humic, fulvic, micro, macro minerals, and amino acids.

winter adrenal

Winter is the very perfect time of the entire year to do this. All of Nature is asleep or resting —a clue that we must follow suit. Make sure you and your children get plenty of sleep. Make time during the day to rest and recharge. Right after they come home from school could be a perfect time. Everyone in the family should be going to bed early and getting a really good night’s sleep. 

Mother Nature definitely knows best!  With the seasons of the year she’s telling us that winter is the time for stillness—the time to gather up and restore our energy. Then we’ll have the energy we need to cleanse and begin anew in the spring. This is a must for women who want to conceive and have healthy babies. 

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