Men’s Health: 14 Healthy Habits That Men Can Learn From Women

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When it comes to men’s health, is there anything they can learn from women? Research shows that they do…men are more likely to be overweight, have heart problems and die of lung cancer than their female counterparts.

So we did an informal poll with our male staffers on how men’s health could be influenced by women…and to be honest, they were admittedly reluctant to do some of these at first.

However, these 14 healthy habits produced enough results for women to get attention from their men:

  1. Aerobic Exercise. When entering the gym, the weight room beckons appealingly for most men, which means they forget the importance of aerobic exercise, even gentle movement, like walking and rebounding. A more well-rounded fitness routine may be just the catalyst a man needs for weight loss and improved leanness, rather than just adding bulk
  2. Yoga. Men may scoff at yoga, but this mind-body stress buster is a great way to combine the benefits of stretching, breathing and spirituality. It improves muscle toning and flexibility, while vastly optimizing circulation in all areas of the body detoxifying your body from harmful toxins.
  3. Healthy Eating. OK, while it’s not all pizza and chips, men do tend to go for taste and convenience, rather than healthy eating with beneficial nutrient-rich foods. Instead, take a page from her menu today. Those healthy greens on her plate may actually have more of the minerals your body needs to keep your muscles strong, while boosting your energy and vitality.

    An easy way to start some healthy eating habits is with breakfast. How about a morning smoothie? But instead of focusing just on whey protein powders, how about adding some healthy greens? Learn how to make delicious vegetable smoothies or make a simple green drink with vitamin-mineral-probiotic rich Vitality SuperGreen each morning and you may find you no longer need that morning cup of coffee for your energy!

  4. Vitality SuperGreen

    Many men readily recognize the value of a healthy smoothie or shake in the morning. But don’t just focus on whey protein powder! In the morning, your body needs hydration and a healthy source of alkaline vitamins and minerals. 2 scoops of Vitality SuperGreen in 8 oz. of water will give you all that, plus a vegetarian source of protein AND probiotics.

  5. Grooming. While “pampering” may not be the most accessible concept for the macho, men can learn a lot from women when it comes to skin care and hair care. Using organic, toxin free soaps, lotions and shampoos and taking good care of your skin from the inside out with liver-health promoting probiotic liquids can go a long way to keeping your body young.
  6. Massage. The healing power of human touch is a wondrous thing. Alleviation of muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and enhanced immunity are just a few of the advantageous effects of a relaxing massage.
  7. Well Care Visits and Yearly Checkups. The necessity of annual gynecological and breast exams generally keeps women in better practice of regular visits to the doctor, but men can benefit from regular well-care visits too. Whether you visit a doctor, naturopath or other health practitioner, give yourself the gift of preventative health once a year to stay in the loop on what your body’s needs are.
  8. Skin Care Treatments. Yet another category that seems to rarely make it onto the typical masculine to-do list. Skin care is more that just making your face look good. In fact, skin care is even more important because your skin is your largest organ of detoxification!  A good skin care routine to keep your whole body healthy could include exfoliation from a body scrub or daily dry skin brushing.
  9. Lighter Entertainment. Volumes of research are available on the behavioral effects of violent or intense media upon viewers…and guess what men? You often reach for more violent TV shows and video games. Instead, entertain the idea of taking a break from the latest run-and-gun video game for a night or three. Her pick of the movie, Sense And Sensibility, may turn out to be the perfect cathartic answer to an intense workday.
  10. Communication. Find time amidst your busy schedule to relate to others. Laughing, comforting, counseling and bonding day to day, especially with your most cherished loved ones, will yield lifelong gifts.
  11. Meditation. Cultivating the ability to sit comfortably, empty your mind, and breathe is a significant step toward stress relief, detoxification of your mind, relaxation, and spiritual and physical wellness.
  12. Crying. It’s no one’s favorite past time, but when life’s complexities and mounting stress reach a breaking point, letting the tears flow can actually release chemicals and hormones that take the body from a state of intensity to one of relaxation.
  13. Nurturing. Precious moments with children have a renewing effect unequaled by any other experience. Immeasurable insights can be gleaned from observing a baby learning to crawl, the resilience of a four year old taking a tumble after a beach ball and jumping back to his feet smiling, or an eight year old executing a new passage in her piano book.
  14. Work & Life Balance. Your time is demanded on multiple fronts, but nothing outweighs the importance of the home. Don’t let the demands of making ends meet stop you from reveling in the details than make your sanctuary a sanctuary.
  15. Cleaning. Most understand that cleaning is one of the basics of life, but beyond the usual vacuuming and dishwashing, pay attention to the details that make for a healthier environment. Clear out clutter to augment a sense of space and freedom. Improve air quality by dusting regularly. And don’t just wipe down the counters, but eliminate leftover bacteria them with all natural cleaning agents.

Men and women all have things to learn from each other, but when it comes to healthy habits, women have a leg up. Come on men, you deserve to feel your best too! For more information on men’s health, read: Why Do Women “Take Control of Their Health” Far More Than Men?

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