Can You Use Other Methods to Make Your Vegetables Probiotic-Rich? Q&A with Body Ecology Founder Donna Gates

We often get great questions about The Body Ecology system of health and healing. Occasionally some are so relevant to everyone out there that we like to publish them. Here is one such question and the founder of Body Ecology Donna Gates’ answer.

Q. “I wonder if instead of using the Body Ecology Culture Starter for making cultured vegetables I could use some of the new Dong Quai fermented liquid, and if so how much?”

A. Yes, you definitely can.

You can use the new Dong Quai liquid … or the Coco-Biotic liquid, Grainfield’s BE Wholegrain liquid , milk kefir or even fresh raw whey!

That’s because they all contain wonderful microflora. The idea is to inoculate the vegetables with extra microflora to help the fermentation process get off to a great start…ensuring the product ferments and does notspoil.

Each starter will give you a different finished product. It is also important to note that you will have completely different bacteria if you use these liquids and you will also be getting beneficial yeast from all of the above (except the raw whey, which does not contain yeast unless it is the fermented whey made from kefir milk.)

When I chose to create a Cultured Vegetable Starter for Body Ecology, I included a large amount of the Plantarum bacteria for two reasons.

It is naturally present on organic vegetables

Very importantly, it is a bacteria that is NOT destroyed by most antibiotics. If you have to take an antibiotic (and at times they can be lifesaving), with the Plantarum bacteria in the Culture Starter you can feel safe that all the gut flora is not destroyed setting you up for candidiasis.

Please DO try using other liquid type starters like the delicious Dong Quai to “inoculate” your vegetables and improve the range of health benefits to you!”Read More & Order Your Dong Quai Now.

In other words, it is good to eat lots of this wonderful bacteria! When you eat the cultured vegetables made with Plantarum you are building up a lot of Plantarum inside you to protect you.

I would like to see some research done on people who eat cultured vegetables and who are obtaining this wonderful bacteria. I would suspect the researchers would find that the antibiotic would be more effective and that we would not find some much antibiotic resistance when one is taken. In other words, the so called “super bugs” that have become resistant to antibiotics would not be so “super.”

That said, please DO try using the other liquid type “starters”mentioned above to inoculate your vegetables and improve the range of health benefits to you. You can use about 4 – 6 tablespoons of Dong Quai or Coco-Biotic for each quart or so of vegetables.

I’m glad to see a question like this that shows creative thinking. Hopefully, with time, people will get over their fear of fermented foods or at least get past the initial “learning curve” and enjoy all the wonderful possible creations.

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