Go beyond (just) symptom control with genetic testing

On Friday, December 10, 2021, I’ll be speaking about how genetic testing can drastically improve health and longevity at the Overcoming Chronic Illness Summit.  Learn how to turn off the bad genes and turn on the good genes for optimal health and healing!


Chronic illness, or chronic health challenges, touch everyone in some way.

A staggering 1 in 3 adults worldwide lives with multiple chronic conditions.

We’re overloaded and stressed out, our world is getting more toxic and our resilience to overcome this toxicity, trauma, and stress is diminishing, making us weaker and more likely to get sick or chronically ill.

Learn more about one of the most overlooked layers to chronic health challenges in my talk at the Overcoming Chronic Illness Summit.

How genetic testing can improve health + longevity

You all know how I got bit by the gene bug years ago, and how I truly believe that the answers you’re looking for in regards to your health are already inside of you – literally!  There is priceless information hidden in our genetics – and as we unearth it, we can greatly improve our health and happiness.  

And for over 30 years, I said there is a Universal Law—The Principle of Uniqueness—that states that you are one of a kind. This proof is in genetic testing.

The breakthrough fields of Genomics and Nutritional Genomics bring a new level of understanding to who we really are.   This is what I will be focusing on during my talk at the Overcoming Chronic Illness Summit:

  • How do dietary nutrients affect our genes?
  • The difference between nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics
  • Is nutrigenomics ready for the masses?

Register to learn how genetic testing can be a key to unlocking unanswered questions in your health journey!

Many people are terrified to get genetic testing not knowing that there are “workarounds” in the event their genetics show some risk factors.  Everyone has risk factors!  And your genes do not control you.  

It’s how we deal with those risk factors by turning off the bad genes and turning on the good genes, that can make all the difference in our health.

There’s no more guessing as to what’s happening in your body when you start to hone in on your genes.  All you have to get ready for is to unlock a new level of understanding about who you really are.



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