Let’s Talk Genetics with Mark Sisson & Others

Written by Body Ecology on August 17th, 2020

You all know how I got bit by the gene bug years ago, and how I truly believe that the answers you’re looking for in regards to your health are already inside of you – literally!  There is priceless information hidden in our genetics – and as we unearth it, we can greatly improve our health and happiness.  

So when there is helpful guidance regarding genetics available from some of the health and wellness icons in our space, I’m implored to share it with you.

HealthMeans has just unlocked some of their most influential interviews about genetics — and let me tell you, there is SO MUCH to be learned from these transcripts.

In this 30-page document, you’ll learn about:

  • “Hidden Genetic Switches” with Mark Sisson
  • “Genetic Defects and MTHFR” with Sterling Hill
  • “Express the Power in Your DNA” with Charan Surdhar, BSc, MSc

Take a sneak peek at what they had to say:

Mark Sisson
“We don’t get enough sun exposure. And even though the medical community has warned us to stay out of the sun, I would argue that more people get cancer as a result of having aggressively avoided the sun than ever get skin cancer from having had too much sun. UVB rays from the sun are critical in converting cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical to our immune response. So when we have low levels of vitamin D, our immune ability to fight infection decreases.”

Sterling Hill
“When someone has a defect of one of their genetic MTHFR SNPs, he or she can have an array of problems related to folate deficiency, such as neural tube defects, spina bifida, elevated homocysteine, poor methylation issues, miscarriage, cancers and autoimmune diseases.”

Charan Surdhar, BSc, MSc
“Trust and know that you have this perfection already within you. It’s already there, that diamond. It’s there. And how do we access it? We allow ourselves to feel every sensation in our body. Allow ourselves to be with ourselves. And, as we do that, it allows for consciousness to encompass us in such a beautiful way that it begins to clear things in our life, our body, allows the DNA expression to move into the alignment that it’s meant to be. We’re so powerful, beyond belief. We need to recognize that now.”

These transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and protocols of the trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today.  We need this information now more than ever.

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When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Beyond Biological Medicine Speaker Series taking place on September 21-27, 2020 — over 30 experts teaching you more about bioregulatory medicine and its many therapeutic modalities designed to naturally support your body’s ability to regulate and self-heal safely, gently and effectively while drugless and side-effect-free!

I’ll be speaking there too about the following:

  • How do dietary nutrients affect our genes?
  • The difference between nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics
  • Is nutrigenomics ready for the masses?

I hope this helps put you on a path to better health and prevention today!




P.S.  Don’t miss out on these interview transcripts from HealthMeans… Unlock them today!

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