“Junk Food Nation?” Beware of the New Line of Deceptively “Healthy” Junk Food

Our governments think you might as well get some nutrients with your junk food, while the junk food industry hopes that adding a few synthetic “nutrients” makes them more money. Never mind the cost to your health of all the fat and preservatives!

With heart diseaseobesitydiabetes, and autoimmune diseases rising at epidemic levels, why would our governments cater to the junk food industries, and make it easier for them to manipulate their products in a way that allows them to claim “healthier” anywhere on their labels?

As ridiculous as it sounds, Health Canada is considering granting processed food makers the power to fortify junk foods to – get this – improve the nutritional content of their products and the diets of Canadians.

Fortifying junk foods is not a new concept.

Just look at all the bottled “vitamin” waters and carbonated beverages that now claim to be “healthy” because they are fortified with vitamins.

Take a walk down the salty snack aisle, and you’ll see that you have the option of choosing multi-grain tortilla chips, or calcium-fortified snack crackers, which claim to be “healthier”.

Would you be more likely to buy junk food if the label said it was fortified with certain vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, or omega 3’s, or some other nutrient you’d heard was good for you?

If not you, what about your children? Hmmm…now that’s a concern.

Junk Food – More Dangerous Than Empty Calories

Junk food consumption is out of control in our modern culture, and the problem isn’t just that these foods are high in calories and devoid of nutritional value.

Junk foods are highly addictive, so the more you consume, the harder it is to stop consuming them.

The high concentrations of sugar and harmful fats associated with junk foods affect our pleasure centers in the brain, and we begin to seek more of this pleasure with junk food.

What’s more, junk foods upset the delicate balance of your inner ecosystem, which is essential to good health and longevity.

If your inner ecosystem is healthy, it’s teaming with beneficial microflora (friendly bacteria and yeast) that help you digest food, absorb the nutrients your body needs, build immunity, manufacture important vitamins and minerals, and regulate blood sugar.

Junk foods rob your body of important minerals, creating an acidic blood condition that’s a perfect breeding ground for candida yeast.

Candida overgrowth in your inner ecosystem creates an imbalance, and a vicious cycle of cravings, fatigue, a compromised ability to absorb nutrients, and overall ill health.

Adding synthetic, low quality vitamins and minerals to junk foods does not in any way redeem them: They are still foods with high concentrations of preservatives, sugar, and harmful fats and devastating long term health effects.

If anything, fortification of junk food encourages people to fool themselves, giving them one more excuse to think it’s not so bad to eat junk food.

Think of it like this: Would you drink water that you knew to be contaminated with disease-causing ingredients, if you were told that it was fortified with vitamins?

Surely not!

Protect Your Own Health

It’s clear that regulatory agencies aren’t going to take a harsh stand against the processed food and junk food industries.

Instead of stepping up educational campaigns to encourage an end to the junk food habits of consumers, they are making it easier for junk food makers to stay in business.

The industry is here to stay, and will continue to come up with sly marketing ploys designed to make you think their foods are fit for consumption.

So it’s completely up to you to be the guardian of your own and your family’s health. And it’s easy if you look for the following: fresh, wholesome, untainted, natural.

This generally means no boxes, no frozen “meals”, no cans, no preservatives, no ingredient that you can’t pronounce on the label, and certainly, no glow in the dark colors!

One important note: if you eat healthy and find that at times you find yourself craving sweets, you don’t have to reach for junk food!

Craving the sweet taste is natural and is one of the six tastes found in foods. (Salty, Sour, pungent, bitter and astringent are the others,)  A meal is most satisfying when each of these tastes are included. So in fact, the sweet taste could be said to be essential for creating balance in a meal.

Foods like fruits, sweet vegetables and grains all have natural sugars in them. The natural sugars found in food help encourage the growth of beneficial microflora in your gut that help create a balanced inner ecosystem. But if you do not have these beneficial microflora you are usually feeding the bad guys instead.

On The Body Ecology Diet the sour fruits, like lemons, limes, cranberries and pomegranates are allowed, the sweeter fruits and even certain sweet vegetables are not recommended because they feed yeast that cause candida. The Body Ecology Diet book provides a great outline of the foods to eat and to avoid so that your inner ecosystem can flourish.
So what do you do to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Instead of sugary junk food or too much fruit, you can try Body Ecology’s Lakanto.

Lakanto is an all natural, zero calorie sugar substitute that’s been used in Japan for years, and is in fact recommended for people with obesity, diabetes, or sugar regulation problems.

Unlike many other sugar substitutes, Lakanto tastes like sugar, and can be used just like sugar, which makes it perfect for baking!

And don’t forget that Body Ecology has the most delicious stevia on the market today. We are proud of the fact that Donna Gates, founder of Body Ecology, introduced the white stevia powder to the US over fifteen years ago. We were the first to make it widely available to thousands of people. We then made the first liquid concentrate from this white powder. When the ban against importing stevia was lifted, other companies begin to sell stevia as well. But none can compare to the delicious taste of our stevia and we are very proud of that. If you have tried stevia and were disappointed…please try ours.

Need A Mineral Boost?

And instead of looking to junk food for your antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, nature provides an abundance of what you need. To learn more, read: The Five Colors You Need to Eat Routinely…And Why.

But these days, your body may need more than nature can give. Why would this happen?

Ancient Earth Minerals

Give Your Body A Natural Mineral Boost! Modern farming practices are depleting mineral from the soil AND even the healthiest of foods, so it’s no wonder why mineral deficiencies are at the root of every serious health problem today. You can give your body the highest quality minerals from the most nutrient-rich soil on the planet with Ancient Earth Minerals. Learn more about Ancient Earth Minerals and order yours today!

This is because over-farming, chemical fertilizers, poor quality soil and fruits and vegetables being picked before their time means that the foods we eat today aren’t as nutrient dense and healthy as what our parents and grandparents ate.

Even if you are eating healthy, you could end up with mineral deficiencies and not even know it.

Some of the symptoms of mineral deficiencies are:

This is why Body Ecology has created Ancient Earth Minerals. They are the highest quality, bio-available, humic, fulvic, micro and macro minerals and amino acids in capsule form. Just 3 capsules in the morning, and 3 at bedtime can give you the highest quality minerals straight from the most mineral-rich soil on the planet!

Let’s face it, the junk food marketers are becoming increasingly manipulative, but you and your loved ones don’t need to fall into the trap of believing that poor quality food and synthetic nutrients can fuel your body.

Just remember that when it comes to your health, there are no short cuts! Listen to your body, make healthy choices…one step at a time. And please eat foods that are as close as possible to the way nature intended them. Your body will thank you for years to come.


Canada ponders junk food fortification, by Shane Starling, June 10, 2009

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