Integrative solutions for preventing and reversing cancer

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Written by Body Ecology on January 19th, 2021

I promised that I’d always keep you up-to-date on my latest discoveries in health, so I really wanted to share this one:  The Global Cancer Symposium

Cancer is a metabolic disease, which as our modern scientists all agree on, is primarily due to a compromised immune system, and deadly effects of viral infections are directly influenced by a weakened immune system. 

I arm myself with as much knowledge as I can to make informed decisions, and when it comes to preventing and reversing cancer,  I want to make sure I learn from the best.

The Symposium will have the world’s leading experts in cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery, all being interviewed by Nathan Crane, an 18-time award-winning documentary filmmaker and recipient of the Outstanding Community Service Award from the California Senate for his work with cancer.

You’ll hear from more than two dozen world-renowned speakers about how to prevent and reverse cancer using effective, scientifically validated, natural and integrative methods, the most scientifically-validated foods to make the body inhospitable to cancer and alot more. 

I’ll be speaking on February 14th on Candida, Parasites and Cancer:  Removing the Infections to Facilitate and Accelerate Healing.  Specifically:

• How parasites and candida are linked to cancer, and why we need to eliminate them now

• How to get rid of yeast infections naturally and effectively

• How most people have parasites damaging their body and don’t even know it

• What you can do to naturally and effectively heal from parasites and candida

That’s why I hope you attend the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0 that broadcasts online from February 8 – 14, 2021.

And it’s all free! 

→ Click here to attend the Global Cancer Symposium and learn the most effective, natural and integrative solutions for preventing and reversing cancer.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and want to find new, innovative ways to fight it, you’re helping a loved one, or you simply want to do all you can to prevent a diagnosis, this is the place to be. 

Here are just a few of the talks you’ll have access to:

  • Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: Facing Your Fears: How to Tackle the Anxiety of a Terrifying Prognosis
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar: Why We Get Cancer: The Vital Role of the Immune System to Fight Damaged Cells
  • Elaine Gibson: Redefining the Impossible: Beating Stage 4 Cancer with an Integrative Approach
  • Dr. William Pawluk: The Hidden Dangers of EMFs and What We Can Do to Shield Ourselves
  • Dr. Thomas Lodi: What is Cancer? Beyond “Rapid Cell Growth” – The Truth About Why and How Cancer Grows

You’ll learn more in one week than you could in years of classes and seminars!

Just use this link to register and save your spot today.

The Symposium launches February 8, 2021, and runs through February 14, 2021.  

I hope you’ll join me, atleast on the 14th! This is going to be a game-changer for anyone with cancer or anyone who wants to prevent and reverse cancer. 

See you at the Symposium!




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