Industry Often Cons the Public with “Probiotic Foods”: A Case Study

Ice cream with probiotics…fad or fraud? Don’t be fooled by the processed foods industry…there’s a better way to good health!

You may have heard the probiotic buzz about yogurtsauerkraut and even kombucha tea…but have you heard about probiotic ice cream?

Yes, it seems that the processed foods industry has struck again. Providing convenient sugar-laden, pasteurized foods that have been stripped of their nutritional value…only to add the “fashionable” missing supplements back in.

For the past 50 years, the processed foods industry has provided us with packaged convenience foods that we can eat in a rush or on the go.

Manufactured foods met our need for speed, but forgot our need for health.

Because in order to process foods, they were mixed, broken down and reshaped, which stripped the food of important nutrients. To improve shelf-life and taste, new chemicals were added.

Over the years, the FDA realized that processed foods were so stripped that they had to be added back in due to vitamin deficiencies. For example, in 1988, a law went into affect to add folic acid to breads and breakfast cereals due to so many folate deficiencies. In addition to this, extra vitamins and minerals are added to food and drinks like cereal, orange juice, milk and even desserts.

Ice Cream with Probiotics?

Many of us grew up to hearing Mary Poppins sing “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” And that’s pretty much what’s happened to our food supply in this modern age.

It seems that the more sugar we eat, the more we want.

So it’s not surprising that the average person consumes an estimated 156 pounds of sugar per year. The good news is that people all over the world are making healthier choices to avoid the dangers of sugar.

Unfortunately, when the processed food industry notices a drop in purchases, it starts to pay attention. The Coca-Cola Company is going to be using stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. And in Western Europe, a drop in ice cream sales has got processed food manufacturers scrambling to create a probiotic ice cream with prebiotics.

At Body Ecology, we are big fans of probiotics…especially the RIGHT probiotics. Unfortunately, most processed food manufacturers are not using the right probiotics for your inner ecosystem (the colony of microflora that must be in your intestines).

So while ice cream with probiotics (healthy bacteria and yeast that boost immunity) and prebiotics (food for probiotics) may seem like a winning combination, don’t be fooled…here’s why:

  • Ice cream is PASTERIZED – Dairy in ice cream is pasteurized at high temperatures that often kill the probiotics and render useless good fats, proteins, and enzymes that were part of the food in its original, un-pasteurized form.

    Read The Pasteurized Food You Should Consider Avoiding and The Healthy Reasons Why to learn more.

  • Ice cream is FROZEN – Did you know that freezing usually kills off the minority of probiotics? While there are still some benefits from dead microflora (e.g. they stimulate your immune system), they do not have the benefits that live microflora do and they certainly can’t re-colonize in your intestines if they are already dead.
  • Ice cream is full of SUGAR – Sugars actually feed the pathogenic bacteria and yeast that cause illness and disease.

Body Ecology probiotic liquids, like Coco-Biotic, are made from high quality whole food ingredients and the best probiotics for your inner ecosystem. Just 2 oz. per day can improve your energy, vitality, digestion and immunity. Try Coco-Biotic today!

The right probiotics are those that are native to the human intestines, that work well in combination with one another and that help to re-colonize your inner ecosystem.

Most of the processed foods and mass-produced probiotic foods do not measure up when it comes to providing the right probiotics in a healthy, whole food. This is why Body Ecology created our line of probiotic Starters and probiotic liquids.

Your body deserves to have delicious whole foods AND the right probiotics for your health and immunity.

We all like to indulge a little, but why not do it the Body Ecology Way with recipes that sweeten with the all-natural sugar-free Lakanto? And of course, why pay more for products that have fancy-sounding ingredients that don’t actually do what they are intended to do for your body?

When you follow a healthy Body Ecology diet, you are getting whole foods that nourish and support your body, along with fermented foods and drinks that truly deliver a probiotic punch.

As your digestion heals, you may occasionally find that you can eat a bowl of ice cream but it should be homemade using raw cream and, of course, your body must be able to handle the casein and the fat found in dairy. If you do indulge from time to time, we strongly suggest that you take several Assist for Protein and Dairy enzymes and that you drink a small, bubbly glass of champagne-like – and INCREDIBLY healthy — Coco-Biotic right along with it.

Body Ecology followers do this so that they have an added “layer of protection” from the damages of sugar. (The microflora help eat the sugar…unless it is too much. Too much destroys them!)

So the next time you choose your probiotic foods and drinks, choose products made from all natural, whole food ingredients that contain the kind of probiotics that help your body heal and thrive. And if you’re following the Body Ecology program, you can rest assured that we have you covered when it comes to your health!

Thank YOU for being a part of what we do to help the world heal.


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