I Love You, But Please Stop Talking…

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Imagine yourself listening to a friend as she tells you about the stories and drama that fill her life.

You want to be a good friend, so you pay particular attention to what she is saying and to her feelings.

Before you know it, you are nodding your head in agreement and sympathy. You may chime in every so often with your own experiences and with your own thoughts.

And as you and your friend exchange stories, thoughts, and feelings, you may suddenly realize that the vibration of these stories has grown. Maybe your feelings have intensified. Or maybe more thoughts are firing through your mind.

When we think and when we speak, we create.

Ask yourself the following:

Throughout my day, how many times am I thinking and speaking of:

  1. Old things and experiences?
  2. Things in society I dislike and wish would change?
  3. Things I actually wish to create and experiences I wish to have?

Too often we play out the same dramas with different people.

Too often we give a voice to our worries, our fears, and our stress.

It can be difficult not to think and talk about stressful life events. When we speak about what is on our mind, we release some mental and emotional pressure. If we do not disperse the gloomy cloud that hangs around us, we at least have someone to share it with.

In conversation or in thought, the creative act happens in increments. Slowly, one small creation builds upon another. Before you know it, you are thinking about and speaking about the very experience that you do not want.

Every time we engage our fears and worries, we are putting our focus on things we do not want to experience. So then why are we spending so much time making them part of our reality?

During the first months of the New Year, many of us will begin a new exercise program, quit an unhealthy habit or choose a way of eating for vibrant health.

Whether it is the New Year or not, you can always give yourself the support that you need to succeed.

While each of us is unique, I often find that changing your inner ecosystem with fermented foods and beverages goes hand in hand with strengthening the will for transformation.

Raising your vibration on the inside helps to raise the vibration on the outside, including the good feeling states that promote optimistic thoughts and language.

Often at the end of the year, we focus on our flaws and our mistakes. This needs to stop. We need to change our perspective. Our misfortunes are clues. Our setbacks in health are communications from our body.

Thus we should see all the old events or trials and current misfortunes or imperfections as opportunities that bring us one step closer to understanding that the present moment is the right time for gratitude and the only time to focus on where you are going.

When we grasp that—we are one step closer to living our dreams.

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