How Melanie and Her Son James from New Zealand Have Benefited from Body Ecology

mom and daughter

Find out how this 9-year old New Zealand child recovered from severe chronic constipation with the help and guidance from Certified Body Ecology Coach, Nancy Langlands.

Just one year ago, 9-year old James Coburn was in the most severe pain he had ever experienced.

Since the age of 2, James has suffered from severe bowel dysfunction. Chronic constipation was so severe that he’d often end up in the hospital to help relieve bowel blockage lasting as much as 2 weeks.

James’ mother, Melanie, felt there had to be another answer.

Fed up with the toll that emergency room and hospital visits were taking on young James, Melanie decided to try a different route… natural health. Like many other places around the world, New Zealand is experiencing a growing use of complementary and alternative health practitioners.

In fact, statistics from a survey done by the New Zealand Ministrial Advisory Committee on Complementary and Alternative Health show that nearly 1 in 4 adults have seen a complementary or alternative health practitioner.1

Melanie’s search for a natural health solution brought her to Inner Ecology, a colon therapy and nutritional center in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Nancy Langlands, owner of Inner Ecology, has much to recommend her: a Registered Nurse, Certified Body Ecology Coach and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, she blends her expertise in conventional and alternative health.

Why Colonics Work

Colon hydrotherapy, also referred to as colon therapy or colonics, uses special equipment to gently flush your colon with water, removing toxic fecal matter that for many, has built up over years.

When working with James, Nancy noted that he had such an extensive buildup in his bowels, that he lost 4 kilos (almost 9 pounds) after his treatment. While a first colonic for someone in this situation can often be painful, the benefits can be miraculous enough to make it all worth it.
And a miracle it was for James.

Melanie told us that it was colonics that restored James’ healthy bowel function and saved him from the trauma of repeated hospital visits.
These results did not go unnoticed by James’ brother, Nicholas, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  According to Melanie, Nicholas began insisting, “Let me have a go!” And it’s good he did because colonics have helped him manage his blood sugar levels, reducing his daily need for insulin.

It’s no surprise that the whole Coburn family has turned to colonics as part of their family’s alternative health regime.

And that’s not all…they have also embarked on the Body Ecology program after learning from Nancy that it can heal gut dysfunction, build immunity and restore optimal health.

Learning Body Ecology Principles

mom and daughter

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“Colonics were just the beginning,” Melanie says as she discusses the family’s interest in Body Ecology.

In Melanie’s opinion, colonics, along with Body Ecology principles are important alternative health therapies. In fact, she’d love to see both offered together in hospitals, so that others could see the benefits of detoxification AND a lifestyle program of healthy eating.

As for her kids, they each seem to find what they need to satisfy their taste buds on Body Ecology. Melanie reported that James even lets her know if something is not “Body Ecology friendly.” James will often state, “Nancy says I can’t have that,” when it comes to foods that don’t support his digestive health.

It’s pretty amazing when a 9-year old is that invested in his health… and it’s a great testament to the healing benefits of Nancy’s work with colonics and Body Ecology.

Inner Ecology

Today, James continues to work with his Body Ecology Coach, Nancy Langlands.

Nancy’s has knowledge of Western medicine and alternative healing modalities like colon hydrotherapy, chelation, abdominal massage and the Body Ecology nutritional approach, make her a tremendous asset to the people in New Zealand who want to add alternative healing to their health regime.

James now has regular bowel movements and his recovery has shocked his doctors, who were considering doing an invasive medical procedure.

James’ pediatrician even wrote a letter praising Nancy’s work.
Nancy’s success with clients like James has brought her respect from doctors and Eastern medicine practitioners alike.

Certainly Melanie’s family is happy. The Coburns were finally able to celebrate Christmas at home, instead of at the hospital. And James now sees a future for himself in medicine: he wants to be a doctor.

As for colonics and Body Ecology, Melanie sums it up simply: “If you want to feel better than you ever have in your life, then GO for it!”

If you live near or are traveling to New Zealand, take some time out for yourself to visit Nancy Langlands at her healing center.

Nancy Langlands RN MSC
Colon Therapist & Body Ecologist
Inner Ecology
Colon Hydrotherapy & Nutritional Centre
29 High Street
Blenheim 7201
New Zealand

p/f: 64 3 578 0041
m: 0800 578 869
[email protected]


1 http://www.newhealth.govt.nz/maccah/MACCAHAdvice.pdf
Ministrial Advisory Committee on Complementary and Alternative Health. Complementary and Alternative Health Care in New Zealand: Advice to the Minister of Health. June 2004, page 2.

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