How to Thrive in The Year of the Water Snake!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

This is the Year of the Water Snake, which is a time when we can bite off more than we can chew and still get away with it.

It is a year of transformation.

If you think that something seems impossible or too big to dream, this is the year to cast out all fears and go for it.

Chinese astrology, like Chinese medicine, is a system that works closely with the theory of yin and yang—what we would understand as dark and light, feminine energy and masculine energy.

They both follow the same energetic clock. In ancient times, medicine was guided by the moon, by the energetics of time, and even by the birthday of the patient.

As it turns out, the Snake corresponds to the time of day when our digestive force is at its strongest. Our digestive force is what enables us to transform food and drink into something that can energize our cells and fuel our movements.

When digestion is poor, our energy is often weak.

Have you ever seen a snake eat? A snake does not need to chew its food well to ensure proper digestion. It swallows its prey whole.

Likewise, many of us may find that 2013 is full of opportunities to consume or take on more than usual—and that we have no problem turning an enormous situation or task into something that can uniquely benefit our lives.

The yin and yang symbol associated with the Snake is pure yang—or pure light energy.

This is the year when movement is at its fullest. The yang energy of a snake year tells us that what seemed stuck in the past, will now move in 2013.

A snake year promises transformation, renewal, and also a time when anything is possible.

To best support yourself this year, it is essential to place your health—especially your digestive health—top on your list of priorities.

This means minimizing refined and overly processed foods.

It also means maximizing nutrient-dense foods.

The best examples that I can think of are cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids, key foods that many of us have forgotten about. These foods contain good bacteria that can help to heal a leaky gut, synthesize nutrients, balance the immune system, and support a positive mindset.

There is little that is more important to our digestive wellness than a hearty inner ecosystem.

Align yourself with the Year of the Water Snake by taking control of your digestion and dreaming big—you can do it!

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