How To Harness Your Chi And Live Your Dreams!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Did you know that you were born to live a complete and full life? One that is unburdened by declining health or physiological strain?

While some of us thrive in the face of adversity and need the push of illness to wake up to our dreams; others of us learn early on that we are already complete, whole, and perfect.

Chinese medicine uses the concept of chi to describe the energy that animates the body.

Chi is acquired energy. This means that we get chi from:

  • The food that we eat
  • The water that we drink
  • The air that we breathe

In a healthy body, chi circulates effortlessly. Much like blood that flows through our blood vessels, chi flows through routes in the body called meridians.

When the body is in a state of dis-ease, the chi of the body is stuck and no longer flows easily. This can create physical pain in the body. Stuck chi can also affect our mental state, our perspective in life, our sleep, our appetite and even how we breathe!

Chinese medicine developed a system of healthcare called acupuncture to manipulate chi in the body and to promote longevity.

While acupuncture is used extensively throughout the world today, there are many ways to manipulate the chi that runs through the body. It is possible to use not only acupuncture needles, but also essential oils, pressure from the hands and even thought itself!

In fact, thought is a form of chi.

Chinese medicine tells us that too much thought or brooding about the past can injure our digestive force. Excessive thought is said to stagnate the chi and this mostly shows up in our digestion and in our energy levels.

Likewise, worry is said to knot the chi. Worry is like excessive thought. But worry also involves the element of grief. Grief affects our breath, lungs and immune system. This is why worry is said to affect our digestion, respiratory system and healthy immune function.

Just like an irregular diet, excessive thought and worry can injure digestive strength. Both an irregular diet and too much thought, it is said in Chinese medicine, can cause bloating and abdominal pain.

When we are able to harness our thoughts and direct them to our goal, they have little chance of causing our chi to stagnant or knot.

Directing your thought is the same as directing your chi.

Living with both clear intentions and without much thought takes practice. At first, it may even seem like a contradiction! However, this is what it means to fully live in the now.

Too much thought is the equivalent of mental chatter. Eventually too much thought injures our digestion and even our ability to digestive life!

Meditation is a good way to quiet mental chatter. Another good way is constant, active awareness.

However you choose to harness your chi, the more you do it, the more your dreams become a living reality!

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