Spotlight Article 3: Step by Step – Healthy Living Essentials: How to Fight Stress and Get Your Beauty Sleep!

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Is this you? Learning to prioritize, effective stress management, and getting enough sleep are all inextricably linked to your diet and exercise results for truly healthy living.

This is the third article in our highly requested Spotlight on Body Ecology series. Click here to access the previous articles in the series!

Diet and exercise are of primary importance in our culture today. Take one look at the popular television programs and magazine covers saturated with headlines telling us what we should be eating, what not to eat, and what exercises are best for this or that “problem area”, and it becomes crystal clear – we are a culture that is obsessed with our health.

But are diet and exercise really the only factors that affect our weight and overall health?

As we have said often, Body Ecology is NOT just a diet. It is a comprehensive and timely new approach to healthy living that focuses on how to prevent and help you recover from many symptoms of disease, replacing them with signs of a joyful body, mind, and spirit.

Still, on our journey back to health, there are important habits we each need to establish that can make or break our chances of success.

Stress Management and Your Emotions

Managing stress might need to be on the top of your list of new habits to develop. The impact of our negative thoughts and emotions on our physical body is well understood today. Conversely, when our body begins eliminating toxins and experiences yeast die-off, it is not uncommon to feel on edge, angry, or a little depressed, causing you to feel “stressed out”. Yet in times of distress, we tend to forget this important mind-body connection.

Research has shown quite clearly that when we are under stress, the hormone cortisol is released in our bodies, which, in turn, leads to weight gain and other serious illnesses.

As unhealthy as stress is, it is impossible to eliminate it completely, so developing healthy stress management techniques to get you through difficult moments is absolutely crucial.

  • Remember first to reflect and prioritize. Much of the stress we experience is self-imposed.
  • Find something that works for you, and commit to practicing it daily. Praying, meditating, visualizations, bringing to mind happy memories, and deep breathing are all great stress management tools.
  • Journaling is a fun way to relive positive events or get in touch with negative emotions we sometimes don’t even realize are hurting us.  Even five minutes a day of “stream of consciousness writing” can do wonders for your mental health!
  • Count your blessings. This is a phrase I am sure you are all familiar with, but in the midst of a chaotic day, it may seem hard to do at times. Still, there is always something to be grateful for. Take a few moments each day to appreciate the good things in your life, and this will slowly build inner calm and resilience.
  • Spend time in Nature. When we are outdoors in Nature, we are comforted by Her timeless permanence. While the problems in our own life come and go, Nature remains in an ever-changing state of stillness that is calming to our soul and physical body. Nature is the ultimate stress reliever.

Stress seems to be another “fact of life” we must “deal with” in these modern times so learning to use effective stress management tools in your life should become a daily priority.

Get Your Shut-Eye


Forget unhealthy caffeine and energy drinks – boost your energy AND improve your health naturally with delicious, probiotic rich, immunity enhancing InnergyBiotic!

According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention survey in 2008, only 31% of 403,981 adults surveyed said they had gotten enough sleep every night in the past month.1

Sleep deprivation is highly correlated with chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, depression, and cardiovascular illness that are affecting our nation’s health as we speak.

Unfortunately, when life gets hectic, many of us tend to compromise on sleep, which robs us of the mental and physical healing our mind and body desperately need.

Instead of proper rest, many people rely on caffeine throughout the day, making energy drinks in a can a booming business in the US.

Coffee and other high-caffeine energy drinks stimulate the release of cortisol in your body, causing a slew of other side effects that dehydrate you, rob you of energy in the long run, and make you more and more dependent on stimulants.

If you want a healthy alternative to caffeine and other energy drinks, try Body Ecology’s

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