The best probiotic drinks [probiotic for constipation]

Instead of sugar-laden, energy-zapping caffeinated drinks, try InnergyBiotic for long-lasting energy and longevity! Find out which probiotic liquid is best for your health goals.

Now that modern medicine has grasped the power of probiotics, they are making it into everything from yogurt to ice cream and even beauty products!

But while the word “probiotic” (for life) has been accepted, the mass-market probiotics themselves are not necessarily being used in ways that promote your best health. Whether they are frozen in ice cream or laden with sugar in yogurt, most probiotics on the market do not deliver the health benefits you’ve been led to believe.

Probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks are the cornerstone of the Body Ecology system of health and healing. And after years of research, Body Ecology founder, Donna Gates, began to shed light on how to use the right probiotics to heal your digestive tract and boost your immunity.

The answers are not so mysterious when you look to nature. Thousands of years of history show that our ancestors — all over the world and in every culture — thrived on real fermented foods and drinks.

From milk kefir to sauerkraut, fermenting was a way to preserve foods before refrigeration.

Consuming these fermented foods and drinks allowed the hardy, live probiotics to move through your digestive system, providing benefits like:

  • Giving you an energy boost
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better digestion
  • Beautiful skin and hair
  • Elimination of cravings for carbs and sugars
  • Detoxification
  • Creation and assimilation of needed vitamins and minerals

The Best Probiotics – Beyond the Market Hype

Real food is a key tenet in the Body Ecology program and this applies to probiotics as well. Real food is something your body understands and there is no better way to get your healthy dose of probiotics than in fermented foods and drinks.

Examples of probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks are:

Probiotic liquids are quickly becoming a popular way to get your dose of good bacteria and yeast because they are delicious, energizing and most of all, convenient. While many Body Ecology followers love making their own fermented foods and drinks, the ease and convenience of getting healthy probiotics just from opening a bottle is an appealing option for today’s busy health enthusiast.

But the big question that everyone asks is, which probiotic liquid is best for me? So we’d like to shed some light on this important question.

The Body Ecology Probiotic Drinks: Which is Best for You?

The most important concept to recognize about Body Ecology’s probiotic liquids is that they all do some very important things for your health.

All of the Body Ecology probiotic liquids will help you:

  • Receive and energy boost
  • Create strong immunity
  • Balance your inner ecosystem
  • Re-colonize your intestines with good bacteria and yeast
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Boost the nutrients in your foods
  • Create important B vitamins and vitamin K that your body needs

Now if you have specific health goals, this is where you may want to zero in on the ideal probiotic liquid for your needs:

1. InnergyBiotic – Another probiotic liquid that tastes great right from the bottle, InnergyBiotic was formulated for that energy boost you may need in the morning or afternoon. Think of InnergyBiotic as a healthy, energizing replacement for sugary, caffeinated energy drinks or sports drinks that only zap your energy over time.

2. CocoBiotic – CocoBiotic is a wonderful way to get some important minerals, like potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which help make your hair, skin and mails become stronger and have a prettier shine. And if you have symptoms of a hangover or dehydration, reach for CocoBiotic to hydrate your system and boost your thyroid, adrenals and endocrine system.

If you have age spots, skin tags or warts, CocoBiotic and young coconut kefir…also made from the water inside young Thai coconuts has healthy benefits for your skin. We have many reports that these probiotic liquids help eliminate many skin problems. We have also received e-mails from customers who have lost weight by doing nothing different from the usual except drinking CocoBiotic.

The Body Ecology probiotic drinks have the right probiotics for the human digestive tract so that your inner ecosystem will benefit from hardy strains of good bacteria and yeast that work together to help create your best health.

If you haven’t tried a sip – 2  to 3 oz. with each meal is all it takes – of probiotic liquids yet, we encourage you to taste the benefits for yourself!
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