How One Food Will Change Your Life

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Did you know you are technically more microbiota (bacteria and yeast) than you are human cells?

Bacteria and yeast living on your skin and eyes and in your mouth, nose and digestive tract greatly outnumber the cells that make up the organs and fluids in your body by 10–1.

The relationship between our body and the microbes that live on and inside us is both mutualistic and symbiotic, meaning we benefit from them and they benefit from us.

How do we gain the most from these microbes?

By eating probiotic foods such as fermented vegetables and kefir. Probiotic supplements are not as potent as fermented foods and beverages. Probiotic rich foods will change your life:

1. Boost Immunity

At birth they literally “train” our immune system to recognize the unhealthy, opportunistic organisms. Throughout life they reign as our “tiny protectors” preventing the growth of harmful species and parasites.

2. Detoxify

In working hard to keep their surroundings clean, they are detoxifying every cell in your body. Without them, you are at greater risk for disease, infection, inflammation, obesity and even cancer.

3. Improve Digestion and Elimination

They have active enzymes to break down food. Can you survive with no bacteria in your gut? Certainly, but animals that have been raised in germ free environments and lack bacteria in their gut have very poor transit time in their intestines. In other words, they are constipated.

4. Uplift Mood

They are your secret weapons against depression. Your gut wall is actually your second brain. This “gut brain” greatly influences the brain in your head and the rest of your entire nervous system. Many of the most important chemicals that you need to feel happy, like serotonin, are first created in the gut!

5. Slow the Aging Process

They manufacture vitamins in your gut and increase bio-availability so you can absorb the nutrients your body needs to stay young.

Recently when the “food pyramid” was transformed into the rather unremarkable, new “food plate”, probiotic foods were clearly absent. One day they will be recognized as a crucial part of every meal. When that day arrives, you will be ahead of the curve–happier, healthier, and already growing younger. Do your body and mind a favor, make fermented foods and beverages a part of your plate today!

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