What chronic inflammation looks like

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Written by Body Ecology on April 16th, 2021

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Dr. David Jockers’ Chronic Inflammation Summit is coming up fast on May 3rd, and I really don’t want you to miss out!

I will share NEW content that isn’t being talked about when it comes to inflammation + candida – and I’m telling you, this could change your life when it comes to drastically reducing your fatigue, gut, and immune problems, those up and down days, and the wide range of symptoms causing you to never feel well.

Get your gut health right.  It can make all the difference in helping the body get rid of what’s lurking around behind the scenes causing the chronic inflammation and bring balance to the inner ecosystem.  The 3R Bundle:  Repair, Restore & Repopulate is designed to help create energy, correct digestion and clean out toxins and any infections.  These formulas are direct from Mother Nature, enabling you to gain healthier gut bacteria, vital nutrients and higher diversity in gut microbiota.   

The presence of chronic inflammation is the one commonality among most health challenges.

I’ll be speaking on May 4th at the Chronic Inflammation Summit, and we’re going to take a deep dive on the topic of  Candida Overgrowth and Gut & Brain Inflammation.  I have not shared this information before – this is new content on:

  • Why most everyone born since 1960 may be unknowingly struggling with an inherited yeast infection
  • The yeast–oxalate, and yeast–histamine connection
  • Yeast toxins and how they affect your brain, mood, and memory
  • Why being mindful of oxalates in your diet is essential today
  • Yeast overgrowth – brain inflammation, depression, and anxiety
  • A low-oxalate, low-histamine, micronutrient-rich strategy

If you’ve tried to control your symptoms and even get to the bottom of them without any luck, it may be because the inflammation hasn’t been addressed the right way.

Let’s help you do that – once and for all.

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PS:  The Summit runs from May 3-9, 2021.  Please share this with family and friends.  It’s so important to me to get these messages to those who may not know much about these particular topics.  Thank you!

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