How 1 Square of Dark Chocolate Can Help You Kick Your Gluten Habit

Gluten-free is just a trend… 

This is the argument we hear from skeptics or from people who may eat gluten and still feel great.

But finally—over the last couple of years—researchers have begun piecing together a gluten disorder that is not a wheat allergy, and it is not celiac disease. According to Dr. Tom O’Bryan, non-celiac gluten sensitivity affects anywhere from 20%–60% of Americans, depending on whose research you look at.

After years of advocating a gluten-free diet, I am thrilled to watch medical professionals and scientists wake up to the fact that gluten sensitivity is real.

Awareness means change.

Fortunately, Dr. Tom O’Bryan has been at the forefront of gluten awareness for the last several years. He will be speaking at The Healthy Gut Summit, a free online event that I am hosting from February 9-16, 2015.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan answers:

  • What is gluten sensitivity (and how is it different from wheat allergy and celiac disease)?
  • What kind of damage does gluten do in the body?
  • If we are gluten sensitive, how can we manage it?
  • Can dark chocolate help us get off gluten?

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the gluten-free trend, this is the event for you.

It will help you understand why gluten is a problem and if you may be one of the people who get sick when you are exposed to gluten.

Remember, The Healthy Gut Summit is FREE, February 9-16. We have gathered 32 experts in gut health and total-body wellness. Please join me as we discover how gut health affects the entire body.

See you at The Summit!



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