Home Checklist: Toxins Lurking in Your Life/Home/Environment, Protocols to Remove Them

Click here for a truly valuable new training, on Assessments and Protocols To Remove Toxins, (a gift from Dr. Christine Schaffner).  I was honored that Dr. Schaffner and Dr. Klinghardt recently invited me to share my own expertise on their detox course about some of the most important pieces to the detox puzzle:  colonics, nutritional implants and home enema’s.

So here is a powerful, time-stamped guide to this training to support you:

  • Our bodies are burdened and chronic illnesses are on the rise (20:25)
  • Types of toxicants (26:15)
  • Biotoxins (31:00)
  • Elimination of Toxicants (32:51)
  • What should we be concerned about and avoid? (39:05)
  • Taking a health inventory (1:06:40)
  • Home Checklist (1:24:40)
  • Labs to dive deeper (1:31:53)
    • Porphyrin Metabolism (1:41:10)
    • Glyphosate Testing (1:43:02)
    • RK protocol-consider pre Glyphosate Collection (1:44:29)
    • US Biotek Environmental Pollutant Panel (1:44:52)

With so much coming at you each day, WHY accept this training?

Toxicants in the environment come in many forms: carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, allergens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors. In this training, Dr. Schaffner goes into detail about detoxification steps to remove toxicants from your life, going into detail on heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, and cadmium, and how to avoid them.

She also touches upon the ever present “electrosmog” produced from EMFs associated with WiFi, smartphones, and other technologies.

Mineral deficiencies can cause a decrease in the body’s ability to detoxify, and Dr. Christine lists several physical signs of mineral deficiencies, as well as ways to combat them.

Her home checklist provides vital information on how you can get real, up-to-date results about the tap water in your city and how it could be negatively affecting your health. For all of this information about detoxification and more, be sure to watch this video!

Click here to access this training (and receive a special offer to participate in the entire detox course, which I have been invited to join as one of only three guest speakers).

You are under NO obligation to continue with the course, you can simply enjoy this training (module one), as a gift from Dr. Christine Schaffner and I.

As I said earlier in this note, I felt this was truly valuable – and vital – content to share with my community.

To your health,




PS:  (Along with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Schaffner is the Co-Founder of The Sophia Health Institute.) Click here to access this training – it will only be available for 72 hours. 

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