How to Most Effectively Help Your Body Heal if You’re a Former (or Current) Smoker

Are you a current or former smoker? The effects of smoking are serious, but it’s not too late to heal your body and prevent cancer and heart disease. Cigarettes contain all kinds of toxic substances, especially the heavy metal cadmium.  Body Ecology’s Ocean Plant Extract naturally detoxifies your body from dangerous heavy metals, like cadmium.

You probably know the statistics; smoking is more than just a bad habit. It is a common killer, and the dangers of smoking are real!

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths,1 and it is most often caused by smoking.

Heart disease is another very real danger of smoking. More than 2,600 people die every day from heart disease,2 and researchers have found that smoking dramatically increases your risk for stroke, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and coronary heart disease.

In spite of these risks, some 46 million American men and women smoke.3

But you can build back your health if you are a former (or even current) smoker.

Radical Effects of Smoking

The real danger of smoking is that smoking harms your body every time you light up.
Researchers are not exactly sure how smoking causes so much damage, but they do agree that the free radicals and oxidation produced from smoking lead to disease.

Free radicals are unstable molecules in your body. They are dangerous because they steal molecules from healthy cells, damaging them in a process called oxidation. Everyday life produces free radicals, but extra stress (from smoking, poor eating habits, emotional stress and lack of sleep) increases the production of free radicals at an alarming rate.

Smoker’s Insurance

Antioxidants are nutrients that fight free radicals and oxidation. They can minimize damage to your body as you quit smoking and help you heal once you’ve kicked the habit. Unfortunately, smoking dramatically depletes the antioxidants in your body, so it’s important to get enough of these potent vitamins and nutrients to counteract free radical damage.

Check out these guidelines to protect and heal your body as you recover from smoking addiction.

To heal your body from the damage related to smoking:4

  • Get vitamin E. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that can slow the progression of atherosclerosis. Cooked kale is a great source of dietary E.
  • Be like Popeye and eat your spinach. Spinach and other dark leafy greens have beta-carotene, an antioxidant that can protect you from cancer.
  • Drink antioxidant green teaGreen tea antioxidants, like polyphenols, fight aging and disease. There are many antioxidant-rich foods on the Body Ecology program and green tea antioxidants are just one more way to easily get your dose of good health.
  • Take vitamin C. Smokers need two to three times the daily requirement of vitamin C just to maintain normal levels in their bodies.
  • Find a B-complex supplement with niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, and biotin. These B vitamins are rich in antioxidants that protect your cells. The Body Ecology program is full of foods with B vitamins. Try our Body Ecology grain-like seeds for a healthy dose of calming B vitamins.
  • Introduce fermented foods and drinks into your diet. fermented foods, like cultured vegetables and fermented drinks, like Coco-Biotic are full of vitamins and minerals. They aid digestion, boost immunity AND can help you absorb the nutrients and antioxidants from your diet.
  • Try adaptogens, like holy basil and ashwaganda. These herbs have the ability to help your body recover from stress and give you energy. Since smoking often relieves stress emotionally and creates stress in your body, you may find that taking adaptogens helps with emotional AND physical stress relief.
  • Cleanse your body of heavy metals. Cigarettes contain all kinds of toxic substances, especially the heavy metal cadmium. Body Ecology’s Ocean Plant Extract naturally detoxifies your body from dangerous heavy metals, like cadmium.
  • Give yourself a LifeLine. Like the highly recommended Sedona Method (co-created by Hale Dwoskin, who was one of the featured teachers in the wildly popular book The Secret,) The LifeLine Technique™, created by Dr. Darren Weissman, finds and removes the root cause of stress, addictions and symptoms in your body and life by tapping into subconscious suppressed emotions. Once emotions are filed in your subconscious mind, you don’t know you have them until you begin to experience stress, pain or addictions.

The LifeLine Technique™ helps you clear the subconscious emotions that keep you stuck in a pattern of addiction.

Ocean Plant Extract can help your body detox from cigarettes. By removing heavy metals, like cadmium in cigarettes, your body will be able to function more effectively, supporting your health and immunity. Try Ocean Plant Extract today!

By incorporating some of these healthy habits into your life, you may be able to reverse some of the damage in your body due to smoking.5

And don’t forget the incredible benefits of lowering risk for stroke, heart disease and lung cancer, while building your immune system naturally.

Smoking – Healing the Addiction

Besides giving your body nutritional support, it’s important to address the dangers of smoking as the addictive habit it is.
Whether smoking helps you de-stress, focus, enjoy meals or is a nice distraction, your body starts to need the nicotine in cigarettes. Just like alcohol and drugs, smoking has an expansive effect on your body that you begin to crave to help you feel balanced and relaxed.

Consider taking steps to reduce stress and clear emotional patterns that keep you feeling stuck in addiction, like meditation, yoga and The Sedona Method.

As you support your physical and emotional health with the Body Ecology program and healthy lifestyle practices, you will find that your body AND mind will be able to achieve peace and balance without addictive substances.

You CAN heal from the effects of smoking…and create balance in mind and body that feels like true health!


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