Russia’s “Miracle” Heavy Metal Cleansing Sea Vegetable, “Laminaria Japonica”

Does your family have a history of cancer or thyroid problems? Do you want to detox your body? Perhaps you just want to ward off the common cold and flu viruses?

Then you need to know about Laminaria Japonica, the secret weapon of Russian doctors that saved thousands of innocent people from disease after nuclear fallout — and it can help you too!

The simple ocean vegetable in our Ocean Plant Extract nourishes your thryroid, boosts your metabolism and wards off disease!

After the nuclear disasters in Russia during the 1960’s and Chernobyl in 1986, many victims suffered the debilitating effects of radiation, including decreased thyroid function, radiation toxicity, and various cancers.

Doctors turned to a little known brown seaweed that grows in icy cold ocean water near Siberia that happens to be the only naturally existing source of all these essential nutrients: ionic iodine, laminarin, alginates and selenium.

This simple ocean plant healed so many people that it is now one of the most popular nutritional supplements in all of Russia!

Ocean Plant Extract- Concentrated Laminaria Japonica For You!

Because Body Ecology is devoted to creating products that create wellness, we knew that we needed a pure source of Laminaria Japonica for our own formula.

We found Russian divers who hand-harvest this wild ocean vegetable, then the heavy outer fibers of the Laminaria are removed with a special low-temperature process. Only the valuable nutrients remain in a concentrated, fully digestible form.

It takes 40 pounds of seaweed to make only one pound of extract!

What’s In Ocean Plant Extract and What It Does

Our Ocean Plant Extract contains some of the purest nutrients to help you achieve your health goals. These nutrients include the following:

  • Alginates absorb radioactive elements and eliminate heavy metals and free radicals from your body
  • Organic Iodine supports your thyroid to stabilize metabolism and is essential for expecting mothers and anyone with a thyroid disorders.
  • Contains fucose, mannose & glucuronic acid to enhance cellular communication & immune function.
  • Laminarin is a polysaccharide that has been shown to be helpful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • Antimicrobial agents like vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins.

Ocean plants contain all the above nutrients and have also been shown to reduce cold symptoms, strengthen your immune system and cleanse your body of heavy metals and radiation.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to take charge of your health. Body Ecology’s Ocean Plant Extract can be a part of your preventative health routine or help you regain wellness today.

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