Healthy Restaurant Review: EVOS – Feel Good Fast Food

Sometimes fast food is tempting, even if you are following the Body Ecology diet.

Fast food can be quick, easy and convenient, even if it isn’t healthy. But you don’t have to make your body suffer every time you want a burger.

Now, fast food can be good for you!

Introducing EVOS, a “feel good fast food” restaurant. With locations in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida and one in Henderson, Nevada, this healthy new chain is making fast food that actually tastes great and is good for you.

Fast Food, Guilt Free

EVOS serves up your favorite fast food fare, guilt-free.

With menu items like burgers, fries and milkshakes, you might think that you stepped into yet another greasy food joint, but at EVOS the details make all the difference.

EVOS uses only natural beef and chicken that is hormone and antiobiotic-free. French fries and chicken strips have 50 to 70% less fat thanks to a special air baking process; there’s no deep fryer here.

Even the milkshakes are made from the milk of free-range cows and include fresh fruit for flavor.

Other menu items include easy-to-eat wraps, tacos, and corn dogs. Not Body Ecology foods for sure, but we do want to applaud anyone taking positive steps in the right direction. And if corn dogs draw in a crowd and the crowd is lured into trying other healthier choices on the menu, we’d like to let our readers know this chain exists.

EVOS and Body Ecology

And while not every menu item at EVOS is compatible with every stage of the Body Ecology program, you can always rely on an EVOS salad made with organic greens and healthy meats. Just leave out the croutons and you are well on your way to proper food combining.

If you travel or eat out, bring along your digestive enzymes, especially if you are tempted to eat foods that don’t follow food combining principles. Assist Dairy & Protein can help your digest and assimilate milk and animal proteins.

EVOS can be a great family restaurant, especially if you are introducing healthy fast food to kids. The foods are familiar, but the ingredients and preparation make them healthy!

You’ll leave this organic restaurant feeling great and want to come back for more feel good fast food.

If you typically follow the Body Ecology system for health and healing, you may want to take some time off from cooking every now and then. Eating fast food from EVOS can be a delicious treat every once in a while, but if you do decide to indulge, be sure to have Body Ecology digestive enzymes on hand.

Assist Enzymes are perfect for breaking down all kinds of foods, while Assist Dairy & Protein are specifically for protein-based meals. The high potency blend of enzymes digest animal protein, casein found in dairy, gluten found in grains and even beans

Some followers of the Body Ecology diet carry our super-potent enzymes whenever they travel or eat out to ensure that they break down their foods and absorb all the nutrients their bodies need, avoiding gas, bloating, fatigue and other symptoms of poor digestion.

Feel Good Fast Food

When it comes to fast food, EVOS offers some of the healthiest meals you can find, and right now you can find their organic restaurants in four locations: 3 in Florida and 1 in Nevada.

New EVOS are in the works for south Florida and Sarasota.

Now if only they offered cultured veggies and shots of probiotic liquids!

If you are an investor, this may be a chain worth looking into. Let’s hope it is successful and inspires many others to follow suit. In a world where we are all too busy to cook every meal at home, we need more fast food chains that are truly healthy.

But until an EVOS comes to your town, do yourself a favor: start a collection of quick and easy meals to make at home. (A good one to start with is turkey lettuce wraps.) And remember, once they are made up and are sitting in your refrigerator, cultured veggies become the perfect fast food veggie. The same is true for young coconut kefir.

Become your own short-order cook with brand new Body Ecology recipes! Get your very own copy of this FREE cookbook now. Click here to start cooking.

Check out www.EVOS.com for locations and menu. Enjoy!
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