Watch: Donna Gates & Dr. Isaac Eliaz talk turning back the clock on aging

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Written by Body Ecology on January 10th, 2022

Welcome to the latest episode of your favorite health podcast, Body Ecology Living. Join Donna and Dr. Isaac Eliaz, author of the recently published Survival Paradox, in what’s sure to be a life-changing conversation as they delve into the special molecule that could disrupt chronic disease and aging.

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Dr. Eliaz says: “We’ve been using Body Ecology for almost two decades. I think we started in 2006, and it changed and transformed the health of my own family members. I’ve recommended it to dozen and dozens of cancer patients.”

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What is the Survival Paradox? Dr. Eliaz explains

Check out some highlights from the episode:

  • Inflammation isn’t really the cause of disease. While functional (and some Western) medicine recognizes that the inflammatory process drives every chronic and acute disease, inflammation is actually the result. What causes the disease is what creates the inflammation. This paradigm shift is what Dr. Eliaz calls “the survival paradox.”
  • We are innately built to survive. An immediate example, responding within a fraction of a second, is our autonomic nervous system; we either fight or run and hide. If we’re in a sympathetic flow, we know it damages our health, Dr. Eliaz says. But there’s also a biochemical response triggered by our survival protein Galectin-3.
  • Galectin-3 turns on the aging process. Galectin-3 supports injury repair from stress, infections, and more by producing inflammation. In this way, it also encourages premature aging and disease. Blocking its harmful effect changes our health. Dr. Eliaz has successfully used modified citrus pectin (found in Pectasol, which he formulated) to manage Galectin-3 in cancer patients, with up to a 78-percent response.
  • Not everyone is going to be a miracle, but anyone can be a miracle. This, Dr. Eliaz says, is his favorite saying, illustrating that everyone — and thing — changes all the time. Letting go to allow transformation happens to be the topic of Dr. Eliaz’s next book and is a concept he teaches in meditation. (You can also find a basic meditation exercise in the last chapter of The Survival Paradox.)
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Tap into your body’s innate healing ability

Fans of Dr. Eliaz agree: If you or a loved one are struggling with a chronic health condition, The Survival Paradox is a must-read. This might also be the book for you if you’re facing severe emotional or physical stress or are recovering after an injury. Grab your copy, and start healing.

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