The Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Amazingly Healthy Breads that Come with Body Ecology’s TOP Recommendation

Everyone loves bread, but wheat and commercially produced breads are bad for your health! Find out why, and read below about the Gluten-Free! Quinoa, Millet & Buckwheat bread that comes with our TOP recommendation for taste, quality and healthiness!

Who amongst us has never enjoyed bread? It’s a staple food around the world, enjoyed in countless varieties, and topped with countless other foods to make the “perfect” meal. To many, it’s deemed as necessary as water!

You likely can’t imagine a diet without it… until you find out how damaging and unhealthy today’s typical breads are.

Body Ecology Recommended… Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free BREAD!

At Body Ecology, our goal has always been healthy, natural eating that is also delicious. In our search for healthy foods, we finally put our “stamp of approval” on an amazing bread that is truly wholesome, natural, and free of the toxic wheat and gluten found in all commercial breads… even in the so-called “healthy” alternative breads found in some stores.
The Story of the Creation of the “Bread”

Two Years ago, Donna met a respected “healthy foods” baker from San Francisco at the WAP conference in Virginia. She told him she had been searching for years for a bakery that could create a “bread” using Body Ecology’s grain-like seeds such as quinoa and millet.

She didn’t eat bread herself but she knew people on The Diet missed it; she wished they could have a piece from time to time or had family members who still ate bread. And, of course, many people transition slowly onto The Diet following The Principle of Step-by-Step so they had not yet given up their morning toast.

The baker said he’d love the challenge, so just tell him what she needed. And to Donna’s delight and amazement he actually did what no one could ever do before … or could ever do as well.

Over time the baker continued to perfect his loaves of bread and today they are now ready for sale. Read on and learn about the “bread” they have created, and you clearly see the love and care that has gone into meeting your needs.

Mario Repetto, owner of Grindstone Bakery, is the creator of these amazingly delicious, wheat-free, gluten-free, healthy “breads” made from grain-like seeds.

Mario grew up in Argentina with Italian roots, eating a traditional diet, and felt that many of the physical ailments suffered by people in modern society were a result of processed foods replacing the ancestral way of eating.

He is a chemist by training and education, and spent decades working in an unrelated scientific field.

Yet, he longed to use his knowledge and training to help humanity in some way.

“I feel as though I’ve found my life with this opportunity”, says Mario, about the bakery that he took over in 1999.

I just received my first shipment of your gluten free bread … I would just like to say—-OUTSTANDING IN EVERY WAY! I cannot tell you how excited I am to find a whole grain chewy bread that does not upset my system…

Thank you so much for putting your nose to the “grindstone” and developing a true gluten free whole grain bread that tastes great. I will tell everyone I know! Many blessings to you and your family and business. May you prosper. – Lorri A. Shank, Morro Bay, California

So what makes Mario’s breads so special?

Mario is most proud of the fact that he makes bread the way our ancestors did, without the short-cuts taken by the processed bread industry today.

“Our bakery is like going back with a time machine”, he says with a proud chuckle.

Milling Grains the Old-Fashioned Way

Grindstone Bakery starts with certified organic whole grains, then uses a special, stone granite mill to grind them into flour.

This traditional way of milling is gentle on the grains, and preserves the proteins, oils, and vitamins that are in the germ.

Commercial grinders mill huge quantities of grains at a time, creating high temperatures, and destroying the fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients in grains.

The bran and germ of the grains, the most nutritious parts, are removed from the flour, sometimes stored for long periods, and sold separately.

This leaves only a high-gluten, starchy flour behind, which is then used to make bread and other bakery products. So-called whole wheat or whole grain breads are created by re-adding the destroyed bran and germ back into the flour.

When you eat floury foods made from highly-processed grains, they are mucus forming, and damaging to your inner ecosystem. If you’ve ever seen what happens to flour when you mix it with a little bit of water, you know what a gummy mess it creates!

Well this sticky, gooey mess ends up literally “gumming” up your intestines, creating a toxic environment that promotes the growth of pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Grindstone Bakery owner Mario Repetto uses ancient traditions and fermentation to craft the healthiest breads you’ll find anywhere, such as this delicious Hi Flax-Omega 3 Quinoa, Millet & Buckwheat loaf! See All the Healthy Breads and Order Yours Today!

If you want more details on why most grains can be hazardous to your health, read: The Risk of Consuming Typical Grains and the Healthy Grains to Choose Instead.

Unlike the practices of the commercial bread industry, Mario uses the entire grain in his flours, ensuring that the proportion of nutrients and fiber in these breads is just as nature intended.

What’s more, he grinds his grains little by little, so that what is milled is used right away, to ensure that no spoilage occurs.

Mario’s next step is a long natural fermentation process that is absolutely essential, yet is completely lacking in commercial breads.

Lacto-Acid Fermentation

Grains are full of antioxidants and nutrients your body needs. But these nutrients are trapped under the hard bran layer of the grain, which is too difficult for your stomach to digest.

Our ancestors knew that they needed to soak or ferment all grains for several hours or days before using them for breads or breakfast porridge.

Fermentation ensures that the hard bran layer of the grains are pre-digested so that the nutrients in them are made bio-available in our bodies.

In order to naturally ferment his grains, Mario collects lactic acid bacteria from wild plants found in the Sonoma region of California.

He then adds these live microflora to the milled grains, and lets them ferment. The raisin nectar used in Mario’s breads is food for the microflora. Known as a “prebiotic,” the raisin nectar is consumed by the lactic acid bacteria during fermentation.

From the time lactic acid bacteria are added to the milled grains, and the dough is put into the oven, fermentation has occurred for approximately 24 hours!

The final step is baking these hand shaped loaves of bread. For this, Mario has constructed a traditional wood fired brick oven that can’t be replicated in commercially prepared breads.

Body Ecology Advice on Bread

The breads made by Grindstone Bakery for Body Ecology are made from three of our grain-like seeds. Quinoa, Millet and Buckwheat are combined together to form a truly old-fashioned product.

There has never been a “bread” like this before. But please understand these loaves are heavy and dense… more like an old fashioned rye bread. You will want to cut thin slices from the loaf and warm them in a toaster oven. They are delicious served with butter, but we also love them topped with cultured veggies to make a Cultured Veggie Sandwich.

While you are in the initial stage 1 of Body Ecology, we recommend avoiding flour products, for the most part, since they are mucus forming and feed yeast.

However, Grindstone Bakery breads preserve more of the qualities of a whole grain and are prepared in a way that makes the grain more digestible.

They are the best choice we’ve found by far if you will be eating bread while transitioning to stage 1 of Body Ecology. As your inner ecosystem heals, Body Ecology’s Gluten-Free Quinoa, Millet & Buckwheat loaves made by Grindstone Bakery are the best choice possible for stage 2 of the Body Ecology program.

Grindstone Bakery owner Mario Repetto uses ancient traditions and fermentation to craft the healthiest breads you’ll find anywhere, such as this delicious Hi Flax-Omega 3 Quinoa, Millet & Buckwheat loaf! See All the Healthy Breads and Order Yours Today!

TLC- The Most Important Ingredient!

Mario is truly passionate about his bakery, and like us, very in tune with the gift of health that eating naturally creates.

There is no doubt that his breads are infused with an abundant dose of love and good energy. He is a man with the noble intention of creating a food that nourishes, rather than destroys, your health.

Read more about the Grindstone Bakery breads – including the TOP-Recommended “Gluten-Free Quinoa, Millet & Buckwheat loaves” — and order now for bread that supports your Body Ecology lifestyle. You and your family will love the bread and no special occasion meal is complete without them!

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