Give Voice to Your Emotions and Boost Healing

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

The chaos. The beauty. The calm. The emotional storm. The physical heartache… The turmoil. The loss. The anger. The love — with everything you got. The sorrow. The commitment — again.

This is how we dance. With partners, our children, our parents, and our friends. In business and in romance, we all must manage a cocktail of demands while living in our Truth.

It is a tight rope to walk. And arguments happen. Within seconds, emotions fly and you are making a point or defending your actions.

But with a little bit of a perspective, what feels painful suddenly becomes necessary. What feels gut wrenching can swiftly feel like a breath of fresh air. With a little perspective, the anger that’s got your skin on fire begins to feel like a dim pile of embers.

Here’s the perspective: Most arguments and disagreements are a way to take out the trash.

Sure, you might get your hands dirty when you take out the trash. But it beats living in a home filled with garbage.

As we change, evolve, meet personal challenges and confront our own limiting beliefs, we are going to come up against some walls. Some of these walls are human beings that have their own set of changes, challenges, and limiting beliefs to deal with.

So we argue. We even call names and say things we don’t mean.

Too often, we take disagreements to heart. We may even feel shame. Or stunned, blinded, and detached. We let arguments destroy us. Or we let them destroy those that we care for.

Instead of fighting the argument, embrace it. Instead of feeding your anger or ignoring it, give it a voice. Acknowledge its right to exist. And once you have, throw it out like you would a piece of trash.

Pent up emotions are like piles of rotting trash in your kitchen. They will sit there until you deal with them. Just like taking out the trash keeps your home clean, arguments and disagreements can refine your relationships with others, keeping them fresh.

And because I believe that the human body can be a metaphor for absolutely everything in life and hold the secrets of the Uni-verse, I will say this:

We must take out the trash.

We must have a bowel movement several times a week, if not everyday.

We must give voice to our emotions and let the energy flow through our internal organs and not stagnate and cause illness.

We don’t want trash accumulating in our homes. We don’t want toxicity accumulating in our bodies. And we don’t want chaos accumulating in our lives.

When you are able to see arguments as a necessity — and respect the power that they generate — they will have less power in your life. You will be able to let go. And each day will feel new.

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