Get Rid of Your Wrinkles!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

To know how to be reborn into a new life at every moment is the secret of eternal youth.

Mirra Alfassa said this. She was a mystic, a writer, a teacher and a spiritual guide that lived and worked alongside the philosopher and yogi, Sri Aurobindo.

She concerned herself with eternal youth because she was interested in bringing Divine consciousness into the body on a cellular level. In other words, if our cells knew how to slip into a meditative bliss, they would flourish.

As it turns out, our cells have a hard time accessing Divine consciousness.

When we get down to the biochemistry of what makes most of us sick, we see cells giving signs that they are confused, angry, engorged and diseased. From obesity and autoimmune diseases to Alzheimer’s and cancer, our cells can be as mixed up as the people that they belong to.

Not many of us are searching for the secret to eternal youth.

In fact, most of us accept the hallmarks of age. We accept the toll that life takes on the body and – if anything – we do what we can to age gracefully.

And while we know that eternal youth is not something you will find in a pill bottle or at the doctor’s office, this is often where we look. We look to our medical doctors, our naturopathic physicians, and even to our food for ways to preserve our youth.

The next time you are at the market, count how many age-defying products you spot. How many wrinkle creams do you see?

Believe it or not, stress alone can wrinkle the skin.

One study done with mice found that high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol prevent the synthesis of proteins and collagen – —a group of proteins that gives skin its bounce. With chronic stress, the skin is 10 times more likely to lose collagen than any other tissue in the body.

When we invest in anti-wrinkles creams, we do so in order to hold on to our youth. To rebuild what has slowly worn thin over time. The big joke is that both the cure and the cause are internal.

Mirra Alfassa was talking about more than wrinkles.

And she was talking about more than mental and emotional stress.

To be reborn into a new life at every moment.

The next time that you meditate, practice bringing eternal youth into your life.

Bring awareness to your breath. Focus on your cells, even if their smallness seems too much to fathom. Think about one cell.

Imagine golden light. See this golden light and expand it through one cell in your body. Then another.

Breathe. With each exhale, move golden light into one cell after another. And know that pure golden light contains information and wisdom.

The secret of eternal youth is having the strength to leave the past behind. It is means turning off mental chatter while stepping fearlessly into the future.

Eternal youth is utter, complete, and total union with the Divine. In every moment.

What about you? What do you do to stay youthful?

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