Get Ready for BIG LOVE and Optimal Health!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

You’ve got it all. The husband. The kids. The job. The home. The car. The dream.

You’ve got it all but you’re still not happy.

Maybe it’s because you want more.

Maybe you are a perfectionist and things aren’t perfect.

Maybe what you worked so hard for didn’t live up to your expectations.

Or you live paycheck to paycheck. Romance lasts as long as the milk in your fridge.

When it comes to our health and the body, the story is similar.

How many of us have skipped meals to look great in a dress? Or buried our heartbreak in a box of cookies?

Whether we are starving ourselves thin or dampening a painful emotion with food, it is easy to lose touch with what we are really chasing after—which is to feel good.

You won’t find physical health in anything that you can acquire. In fact, as complicated as the human body is, the road to health is a straightforward one. You get healthy when you decide to love yourself.

While this may sound too simple to be true, love is a living expression. In other words, the only way we know love is by sharing it with ourselves and with others. This means acts of love. Words of love. And thoughts filled with love.

When you choose to fill it with love, you find healing. Relationships evolve. The world looks beautiful.

This doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your dreams or that planning is futile. But maybe you could ask, “Why am I doing it all in the first place?”

Chances are that you would like to feel love—rather than have it. And as with all things, there is no better time than NOW to claim your joy and to express your love.

Photojournalist Dan Eldon has scribbled somewhere in his journals, “The journey is the destination.”

Marianne Williamson, a spiritual educator to millions, tells us in A Return to Love that, “We only get to keep what we give away.”

There are a hundred ways to say the same thing, which is this—what matters is not so much what we get, but how we go about getting it.

What do you think? Do daily acts of love keep you “on the path” better than your daytime planner? Is the journey the destination?

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