Get Out Of Neutral: Tap Into Your Inner Guru

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

The ancient meaning of guru is someone who dispels shadows.

These “shadows” are our ignorance. They are our suffering. They are the feeling of being stuck or incomplete.

A guru lights the path and connects the dots.

In my own life, I have crossed paths with many teachers, healers, and visionaries. These men and women were gurus to many, including myself. They opened my eyes to new possibilities and untapped potential.

But I have also learned that the most important guru is within.

You are your own best guru.

Here’s why: No one else can get rid of your shadows the way you can.

You can hire energy workers to unplug energetic cords, visit your acupuncturist while treating your back pain, get your chakras aligned, swing a crystal pendulum for answers, meditate with the masters, or call up your astrologer.

And at the end of day, ask yourself what you have learned.

If you find it hard to trust yourself and your own answers, you may want to spend time away from the person you’ve been working with or the modality you have been relying on.

Sometimes we use objects or people as a crutch. And in doing so, we act small. We undermine our worth, our potential, and our wisdom. Worse—when we play small we keep ourselves from growing.

Gurus, teachers, friends, and community are a wonderful mirror. But the real path to enlightenment isn’t outside. The road is within. Your guide is there too, waiting.

I believe that what we take in through our senses—media like television and radio, relationships, foods—directly impact or ability to tune into our inner guru.

This is why I always make a point to nurture my body and mind. For me, this means strolling through the farmer’s market to pick out colorful and flavorful veggies. It means snuggling up with my dog, Winston. It means eating probiotics foods everyday, like kefir and homemade cultured vegetables.

When you learn to dispel your own shadows, you embody light.

The more you believe in yourself, the more you realize that there is nothing deeper and more penetrating than the wisdom in your heart.

The big test is whether or not you have the gumption to stick with it and find that inner voice—your inner guru.

Trust me. It’s there. Waiting for you to dial in, to listen, and to shine.

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