Fitting In A Daily Vacation And Losing Weight While At It!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

If you feel stuck, tired, overwhelmed or uninspired, you could travel halfway across the world or take a weekend at a spa, and perhaps not get the relief you’re seeking.

Taking a vacation means getting away from habit energy and breaking the habit of being yourself. What defines any moment is not where we are or what we are doing.

In fact, our thoughts are the deciding factor that shapes our experience. So the best vacation for your mind may be a change in your perspective. And this is the kind of vacation that you can take each and every day.

Your habitual self is the part of you that is based upon the past. Believe it or not, many times we get stuck in one or two negative thoughts that we think over and over again. We become numb to patterns of judgment or dislike. And even though we are numb to these negative patterns, they can still exhaust our nervous system.

One drawback to an exhausted nervous system is that our digestion shuts down. Is it any wonder that most of us suffer from one digestive complaint or another?

In addition to planning a seasonal vacation, allow yourself a vacation every day.

Take five to ten minutes out of your day to see the newness in every moment. Allow yourself to fully absorb an experience or a place.

Most people eat without thinking about the food they are chewing, how it tastes, or how fast they are getting through the meal. Eating is a great time to be present. Focus on what you are eating. What does it smell like? What does it taste like? Chew well and look around, what do you see? What do you hear?

When we do this, our senses have a chance to relax and renew. And it may not come as any surprise that our ability to absorb life is matched by our ability to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.

Most people find when they start eating consciously, they eat smaller meals. Smaller meals are easier for the body to digest. Smaller meals through out the day can help keep the metabolism high. Incorporating a fermented vegetable or probiotic beverage and the body is well on it’s way to being more efficient and studies now tie a healthy inner ecosystem to weight loss.

In other words, when we step out of the past and away from judgment and negative thought patterns, our entire nervous system unwinds and we shift gears. Effortlessly, our digestion improves. Our ability to digest life is not so different from our ability to digest food.

Choose to feel alive. Choose to feel happy. Choose to feel new. And with each vacation you take, you become eternally different.

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