Finding The Soul in Your Food for the Body You Want!

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

If you want to lose weight and feel great, the first thing to do is stop counting your caloric intake.

Genuine awareness of food does not mean that you calculate calories, count total grams of fat or tally up the day’s carb intake. While we recommend limiting sugars, this happens naturally as you move away from a diet that is filled with processed foods and refined oils.

At one time in history, when we saw little of the modern diseases that we know of today, people ate food without any concept of how many grams of fat or protein it contained. In a time when the calorie had yet to be named, we liberally ate the fatty tissue around organs, consumed large quantities of raw, cultured dairy and suffered little from degenerative disease or weak immune function.

What does this tell us about our current understanding of food? It tells us that health cannot be summed up by what we can count or measure. It also is a clue that the foods we eat today are very different from the foods found in a traditional diet.

What is a traditional diet? Since refrigeration is a modern invention, these are often foods that have been fermented or cultured with beneficial microorganisms. The fermentation process not only preserves foods, but it also initiates the digestive process and maximizes the amount of enzymes that are available in each and every bite.

A traditional diet includes foods that have been grown in rich soil and that have been exposed to plenty of sunshine. These foods contain zero refined grains or processed oils.

Reacquainting yourself with the soul of food is nothing mysterious. It simply means choosing whole foods that are densely packed with nutrients.

Today, if you walk into any supermarket or health food store and pull 10 packaged foods off of the shelf, most of them will contain repurposed versions the same ingredients: corn, soy, or wheat. Just because a label sounds healthy, it does not mean that the food it contains promotes health.

We cannot always trust flashy commercial advertising. This is why it is always important to read labels. How much of the food that you eat is food that has been taken apart and then put back together?

When we reacquaint ourselves with the soul of food, we choose foods that are intact and that are delivered to our bodies as nature intended.

Once you stop counting calories, it is possible to see food for what it really is: Each whole food has the potential to be a nutrient powerhouse, or what is called a superfood. Depending on where the food is sourced from or how it is raised, a cup of blueberries or the egg yolk from a happy hen has a complexity and nutrient profile that no pill can match.

When we put our attention on food quality, rather than calories, both our health and our waistline benefit!

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