Fermented Foods Are Becoming Popular! Cultured Veggies Make a Comeback

What makes cultured vegetables taste so good?

According to Sheree Gillaspsie at Pure Life Living, a good batch of cultured veggies has texture, crunch, and simplicity.

In addition to hand manufacturing her own line of cultured vegetables, Sheree counsels clients on nutrition and lifestyle.

Early during her cultured vegetable business, the FDA contacted Sheree about the labels that she created for her product. According to the FDA, she could not put the word “healthy” on her labels without also including the words “low fat” or “no fat.”

Fermented veggies, like cabbage, can improve gut health and boost immunity by creating an internal balance of beneficial microflora in the intestines. Eating fermented foods every day is an easy way to get your health back on track!

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Our immune system lives in our gut. After all, the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients is what gives us the tools that we need to build a healthy body.

The health of the gut affects the total health of the entire body. It is an essential starting point.

Because gut health has a lot to do with the internal balance of intestinal microflora, Sheree wanted to give her clients an easy way to consume fermented foods every day.  This is one of the reasons Sheree began selling cultured vegetable products.

Sometimes, even if we know how to make something or how to ferment foods, it is difficult to find the time or energy to begin a new project. This can be especially true when the body is going through a detoxification or healing process.

Sheree’s Tips for Incorporating Fermented Vegetables into the Diet

  • When making your own cultured veggies at home, Sheree tells us that it is best to go easy on herbs like garlic, ginger, turmeric, or caraway seeds. This is because the fermentation process enhances the flavorful punch of these already powerful herbs.
  • As a side or a topping, start eating fermented vegetables by incorporating a tablespoon or even a teaspoon into every meal.
  • Feeling gassy or bloated after you eat your cultured veggies? Keep the amount you are eating low and power through! When bringing the gut back into balance, a little extra gas is totally normal.

While you can make wonderful tasting blends at home, here are some of the delicious blends Pure Life Living makes:

For more information, please visit: www.purelifeliving.com 

What to Remember Most About This Article:

A healthy immune system starts with a healthy gut, which hinges on proper digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. A healthy gut needs a balance of beneficial microflora to promote a robust inner ecology. This can be achieved by eating fermented foods every day, like delicious, cultured veggies.

To incorporate more fermented veggies into your diet today:

  • Make your own cultured veggies at home, but go easy on herbs that can pack a powerful punch of flavor.
  • Begin eating fermented veggies as a side or a topping at every meal.
  • Eat small amounts of cultured veggies at first to prevent excess gas and bloating.

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