Feeling Powerful, Overcoming Stress, And Losing Weight

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

Could feeling powerless or thinking negative thoughts make you physically weak?

I was interested to find a recent study that proves it can.

A group of scientists at Cambridge University surveyed a group of volunteers and asked about their sense of personal power.

Then they asked them to lift boxes of various weights and to guess the weight. Those who felt less powerful in life—weighed down by stress or insecurity—guessed that the boxes were heavier than they actually were. Whereas those who felt secure and powerful guessed the correct weight of the boxes.

This tells us that when we feel powerless, we feel physically weaker than when we have a greater sense of personal power.

Strength isn’t just about muscle mass, how fast you can run, or how what yoga pose you can hold. As it turns out, strength is more grounded in the mind than in the muscles.

If our thoughts influence how strong we are—and how heavy an object feels—I would bet that they also influence other aspects of the physical body: the strength of the immune system, the health of the heart and the flexibility of our hormones.

We can give the body all the nutrition it needs to thrive – like cultured vegetables and fermented spirulina – but unless we match healthy foods with healthy thoughts, good nutrition will only go so far.

As you take steps to build the life of your dreams, cast aside the belief that it won’t work.

If you see yourself comparing what you have to what someone else has—STOP.

If you worry about money or about time constraints—reverse that and affirm, “I’ve got this.”

When I was recently recording videos on the power of fermented foods with celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin, I found out that JJ’s program had helped over 1 Million people lose weight last year! It’s amazing how much more powerful we can feel when we create a healthy mind and a healthy body.

If you pine over lost love or dwell on old mistakes, let go and turn your gaze towards what you’ve got.

Because every time we notice our faults, our failures, our handicaps, and our missteps, we weaken the body’s physical power.

No one but you stands in your way.

It’s time to turn power-less into power-full!

How can you get out of your own way in order to be how strong you really are? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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