Spotlight Article 1: Exhausted? Overweight? Under the Weather? The Body Ecology Principles Hold the Key to Your Health!

Our Complete Spotlight on Body Ecology Series!

  1. Exhausted? Overweight? Under the Weather? The Body Ecology Principles Hold the Key to Your Health!
  2. Beat Uncontrollable Sugar Cravings with The Principle of Step By Step!
  3. Step by Step – Healthy Living Essentials: How to Fight Stress and Get Your Beauty Sleep!
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  7. Is It Fat or Fiction?
  8. Stuff Your Holiday Turkey – Not Your Tummy (GETTING STARTED ON THE BODY ECOLOGY DIET)
  9. The Principle of Food Combining: The Meat of It – Without the Bread (GETTING STARTED ON THE BODY ECOLOGY DIET)
  10. The Principle of Food Combining Part 2: Fruit-ful Advice

Do you long to feel energized, vibrant, and healthy? Great health is essential to joyful living, and it’s easier to achieve than you think by following The Body Ecology Diet guide to health and healing.

Stress, fatigue, being overweight, and their many related illnesses are signs of a culture that has forgotten to take cues from nature.  Still, Mother Nature knows how to pace Herself.

The Body Ecology Diet is not a diet per se. It is a revolutionary natural and holistic healthy diet and approach to life that will replace disease symptoms – like fatigue and weight gain – with overall physical well-being, joy, and vitality.

Unlike many “diets” out there, we take our cues from Nature: multiple ecosystems exist on earth, all interdependent on one another.

In the same way, your body is a complex organism with multiple interdependent systems and organs that produce health, longevity, and beauty only when they are in sync.

One of the most important systems or “organs” is your inner ecosystem. Your inner ecosystem is made up of beneficial bacteria and yeast (microflora that live in your intestines, keeping you healthy and strong.

If you suffer from fatigue, are overweight, or have a whole number of symptoms causing ill health, you most likely have an inner ecosystem that is out of balance.

Body Ecology is the only system of health and healing that focuses on keeping that balance inside your inner ecosystem. And we believe it’s our exciting mission to teach you how to prepare for, embark on, and stay on your journey to lasting health!

To begin, we outline 7 major principles that are indispensible pillars of a healthy diet and complete wellness.

Body Ecology’s Seven Principles

Joy Living

Chronic fatigue and being overweight are just symptoms of a body and an inner ecosystem that are out of balance. The Body Ecology Diet can help you look at your health in a totally revolutionary way and achieve lasting wellness once and for all.

  • The Principle of Expansion and Contraction is about finding the right balance in your diet between foods like salt, meat, and poultry that are contractive and foods like high quality fats, sour fruits, grain-like seeds, and land, ocean, and cultured vegetables that are more balanced. Sugar, alcohol, and drugs are very expansive and should be avoided. This Principle is really the Yin/Yang Principle of Chinese Medicine. Although it is an ancient and complex Principle, we’ve made it easy to understand. When you follow the Body Ecology guidelines for how to eat, this Principle is seamlessly woven right in. You’ll be practicing the Principle of Balance without having to think much about it!
  • The Principle of Acid/Alkaline: Every food or drink we put in our mouth, and certain lifestyle factors, affect the acid/alkaline balance in your body. Too many acid-forming foods destroy this balance. Stress and lack of sleep make our body too acidic. Furthermore, toxins produced inside our body and those fromoutside (like heavy metals and chemicals in our food) also make our body fluids too acidic. An acidic body ages faster and is more likely to become diseased. We all know how damaging acid rain is for our forests and the earth’s ecosystems, but we need to realize that in today’s world, we humans are also threatened with too much acidity. The Body Ecology Way of Life teaches you how to keep your body slightly alkaline. When it is, you’ll look and feel wonderful!
  • The Principle of Uniqueness is about appreciating…YOU! You are an experiment of one, as we like to say, and ultimately, you need to pay attention to and listen to your body’s wisdom along your journey. Your body is always changing; therefore, its needs will change too. Having said that, the basics like sunlight (to produce vitamin D), maximum hydration, deep sleep, clean air, and a fulfilling life are basic needs that never change. It’s important to know that there is no “one size fits all” diet. The perfect “diet” is a flexible diet that gives you exactly what you need at that moment in time.
  • The Principle of Cleansing is important to keep in mind because as you begin your journey by introducing healthy foods into your diet, your body will begin to cleanse. Cleansing is often uncomfortable and many of your symptoms will temporarily become worse. (A visit to your colon therapist or a home enema will help quickly eliminate the “stuck” toxins and help you feel better immediately.)
    • The Body Ecology Diet is a “probiotic diet” (rich in beneficial microflora) that helps keep the cells all throughout your body cleaner. With fewer toxins in your body, you’ll have more energy and certainly be much happier. We must learn to feel gratitude that our body has this ability to cleanse and know that it allows us to enjoy a longer, healthier life with better immunity!
  • The Principle of Proper Food Combining is a proven system of eating healthy foods that are compatible with aiding digestion at every meal. Complex meals with proteins, starches, sugars, and fats are just too difficult for most of us to digest. When you eat certain foods together, your digestive system gets mixed signals on which digestive enzymes to release. Proper food combining promotes healthy digestion and an inner ecosystem teeming with healthy microflora. Practicing this Principle will also help you achieve your ideal weight.
  • The Principle of 80/20 is a two-fold principle. First, eat until your stomach is 80% full, leaving 20% available for digestion.  Second, 80% of the healthy foods on your plate should be land or ocean vegetables, with the other 20% made up of protein, grains, or starchy vegetables.
  • The Principle of Step-By-Step entails a commitment to slow down and pace yourself. When it comes to your health, patience is indeed a virtue. Being impatient and seeking fast solutions will only leave you heartbroken or even more behind on your journey. This Principle also tells you where to begin on your journey to wellness to create that beautiful, energetic body we all desire. Step by Step tells us that we must first and foremost be focused on:
    • Creating more energy
    • Correcting digestion
    • Conquering any infections in your body
    • Cleansing out the toxins
Good things start to happen step-by-step when you practice the Step by Step Principle in an orderly manner!

Step-By-Step to Health

If all of this seems like a lot of information or is even a bit overwhelming, please don’t worry! We are going to break it all down for you in our exciting new series of articles designed to guide you step-by-step on your path to having better digestion, stronger immunity, much more energy, the ideal weight, and a younger, more vital you.

In fact, our next article in this series is going to begin by highlighting the principle of step-by-step. We’ll tell you what small steps you can take immediately on your journey to a happier, healthier life for you and your loved ones.

So stay tuned!

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