The Exceptional Exercise that Really IS for Every Body: Rebounding by Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth with Commentary by Donna Gates, Founder of Body Ecology

Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth, Creator of QiBounding®

She graduated in 1984 in Freiburg, Germany as one of the first Alexander Technique teachers. She also trained in the Spiral Dynamics Movement System. Sylvia has studied and taught movement and the “right use of the body” for over 25 years. In Switzerland she was personally trained by the founders of Dynamic Rebounding™, Ingrid Luginbuehl and Birgit Buschmann who developed the energetic approach of working with a Rebounder.

In 2003, based on her experience and teachings, Sylvia created QiBounding® – a simple, joyful yet extremely efficient way to enhance ones health and well-being.

Having been trained in Core Process Psychotherapy by Maura Sills, Sylvia combines her work as a movement educator and health coach with techniques which integrate body and soul. She offers personalized training tailored to her client’s needs and goals.

Sylvia’s aim is to support people to develop awareness and to enhance their inner and outer health.

It seems as if every form of exercise has its benefits… and its drawbacks.

If it’s exciting, it’s high-risk. If it’s safe, it’s not cardiovascular. If it targets one problem area it neglects seventeen others.

Maybe there’s one sport that would be absolutely perfect…if it weren’t for your trick knee, bad back or sensitive ankle. Plus, there are just so many questions. Is Yoga or Pilates better for core strength? Is running unsafe if you’re overweight – even if you’re in good health? Does swimming qualify as load-bearing?

There is one simple alternative which takes into account all of these questions- Rebounding. Rebounding is a revolutionary form of exerciserecognized by NASA as one of the most efficient forms of physical activity.

Use of a Rebounder (often thought of as a “mini-trampoline”) offers the body tremendous benefits; strengthening and supporting virtually every major system of the body. Additionally, Rebounding and its newest evolution called “QiBounding” focuses on the mind-body connection, encouraging conscious breathing and joy.

Finally, rebounding is gentle enough that virtually anyone can do it – while receiving great benefits – even a trained athlete will feel and appreciate the benefits.

How Can Rebounding Help You?

Well, first and foremost, Rebounding provides an aerobic workout that tones the cardiovascular system. But, unlike other forms of aerobics, it doesn’t stop there. The gentle bouncing motion of Rebounding actually stimulates the circulation of lymphatic fluid, the body’s waste disposal mechanism, providing direct support to your immune system.

Moreover, the unique surface of the Rebounder itself encourages greater proprioception, which increases balance, improves coordination, and even promotes better vision.

People who use Rebounders regularly have reported a variety of other health benefits, including reduction of pain, increase in energy, and improvements in mental performance.

NASA astronauts have been Rebounding for years, and found this simple – but extremely effective – form of movement actually strengthens every cell in the body through increasing the G-force load the cells carry.

One Simple Thing to Pay Close Attention To

You need to use a quality Rebounder in order to get the benefits of Rebounding.  Most Rebounders that are sold in sports good stores are rather dangerous for all those who are over 30 – that is about that age when your body cannot compensate the shock any more which you receive in your joints and spine when you bounce on cheap Rebounders.

The best quality Rebounders actually on the market come from Germany and are made by the company Bellicon. Their Rebounders are more expensive but they are worth every penny. Bellicon offers entirely silent, spring-based Rebounders; all other Rebounders squeak after few weeks of usage. But Bellicon is really known for their bungee band Rebounders. Bungee band technology replaces the usual springs that connect the mat to the frame. This feature brings a unique Rebounding experience: a soft, cloud-like bounce. It’s similar to being on a big trampoline – just much safer.

So, in a nutshell…rebounding is great for your spirit and great for your body. And it’s great for every BODY?

Virtually everyone who isn’t suffering from an acute injury can benefit from Rebounding. In fact, Rebounding is particularly helpful for people with a variety of chronic problems. Gentle bouncing helps to move the lymph, creates space between the disks of the vertebrae, helps lubricate painful joints, increases bone density and improves the structure of the feet.

Children love the joyful sensation of soaring, while users whose balance is impaired may prefer to bounce with special holding bars. But almost everyone can reap the benefit of Rebounding safely, joyful and effectively.

From Donna…

As everyone around me knows, I love the work that I do…so tend to be a workaholic. Yes, of course I eat well, but finding time to exercise is a challenge for me.

Rebounding is perfect for someone who only has a small amount of time to devote to exercising. When you sit at a computer for hours at a time, your lymph system suffers.

Rebounding, coupled with a probiotic diet, is the best way I know to cleanse your lymph of toxins, tone your digestive organs and muscles and stimulate your endocrine system and brain.

I’ve purchased other rebounders over the years and never used them… but The Bellicon has a springy, fun bounce to it, you can just feel the difference versus other rebounders, it is of top-notch quality, and I just love it. I now always keep my Bellicon nearby. A quick 5-minute session of bouncing makes me feel alive and ready!

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