Environmental Group Finds Toxins In Your Consumer Products: How to Protect Your Health

Toxins can lead to weight gain, fatigue and feeling less than your best. Learn where these toxins come from and how you can protect yourself so that you can feel your best for the long-term!

Tossing the ball to Fido has always seemed to be one of the most enjoyable, carefree activities you can do.

That is, until you learn that your pup’s play toy may be anything but innocent.

The Ecology Center just expanded its online database containing toxic chemical test results from over 5,000 common household items.

The result? Many everyday products that are often used habitually with no thought to their potential danger showed high levels of lead and other chemicals.1

Where do you find harmful chemicals in everyday products?

  • Twenty-two percent of back to school products contained detectable levels of lead, and over half of all children’s car seats tested had at least one chemical, potentially harmful to the child that would be riding in it.
  • The results from women’s handbags proved especially shocking: over 75% of them contained lead, with over half containing more than 1,000 ppm (300 ppm is the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s limit for lead in children’s products)!
  • Even your family pets could face risks. Twenty five percent of pet products had detectable amounts of lead, and with no government standards for chemicals in pet products; it’s scary to contemplate what could be in them. 2

There are toxins all around us, in our food, the air, and in the water. There are silent, hidden toxins that we are even unaware of.

When you add all these (considered) small amounts together, along with the amounts in our everyday items like our purses and pencils, it can combine to be more than is safe for our bodies.

Toxins can accumulate and negatively affect us in endless ways. They can cause early puberty in girls, endometriosis in women, testicular cancer in men, and have an especially harmful effect within children’s developing bodies, causing asthma, headaches, dyslexia, infections, autism, ADHD and ADD.

We can’t get away from all harmful chemicals completely, but we can take action to fight against them.

There are several ways you can limit exposure to toxins in our lives, including “going green” in as many ways as you can!

Following the Body Ecology Diet can assist you in detoxifying your body and eliminating the harmful chemicals that build up. The more you learn how to detoxify your system, the better you’ll feel, physically and mentally. It’s vital to be informed on what toxins are around us and what can be done to counteract their harmful affects.

To learn more, read: The Top 5 Sources of Toxins You Need to Know About (And What You Can Do to Protect Your Health) and There’s Something in the Air (and What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You).


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With all the potentially harmful toxins that surround us daily, it can seem overwhelming and make you feel helpless.

But don’t give in or give up!

The more you learn about how to cleanse your body from these toxins, the more you can improve your well-being.


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