Energetic Cords: Are They Making You Sick?

By Donna Gates, as seen on:

The digestive system is complex. Not only does it process food into nutrients that we can use, but it does so much more!

For example, a large mass of lymph tissue sits just beneath the intestines. This, along with the bacteria in the digestive tract, profoundly affects the strength and buoyancy of the immune system.

Neurons that think, remember, and learn weave in and out of the tissue that lines the digestive tract. The digestive tract also has cells that both produce and receive brain chemicals, which affect our sense of emotional well-being. Depression and anxiety are common in those with long-term digestive troubles.

When it comes to smooth digestion, a healthy immune system, and even a mind that is free from worry, rarely do we look beyond the physical body.

However, the human body is not just physical matter—it is energetic as well.

It turns out that just as energy circulates within the body, it can also move from person to person.

Sometimes we “give” energy away. Or we feel especially energized and vibrant around certain people. This feeling of energetic exchange is natural and involves a line, or cord, of energy from one being to another.

The problem with energetic cords is that most of us are unaware of them—we end up giving more than we have, or taking on more than we should.

Often, these energetic cords arise from or plug into an energy center that is called the solar plexus.

Feelings of guilt and worry are a form of energetic cording. Obsessive thoughts about another person also indicate an energetic cord. Guilt, worry, and obsessive thoughts all involve the energy of the solar plexus and can affect digestive health and immune system balance.

Rather than trying to figure out how the cords arose, simply acknowledge your role in their formation. Even if you feel drained and tired around someone (a sign of energetic cording), some part of you agreed and allowed that cord to form.

When it comes to energy, so often we want to distinguish ourselves from others. In other words, “This is my energy” and “That is your energy.” Instead of trying to protect ourselves from others and nourishing fear, obsession, and worry—practice self-Love.

Self-Love is one of the best ways to restore balance to the solar plexus.

Interestingly, a meditation in self-Love can also bring harmony to the digestive system and it can often help to regulate an inflammatory response in the body—something that we see in many autoimmune diseases.

Release Your Energetic Cords

If you feel that you need to cut energetic cords, spend a few quiet moments alone.

  1. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, deepen your inhale and your exhale.
  2. Next, place your right hand on the center of your chest while inhaling golden light.
  3. Exhale, and imagine golden light streaming out through the area between your shoulder blades.
  4. After several minutes or even several seconds, you may feel a release and an opening. Your breath may deepen.
  5. Move this light to your solar plexus, the area just above your navel and below the diaphragm. Continue breathing deeply, expanding and exhaling light.
  6. As you move through your day, continue using light to expand the fields of energy in your body.

Practice self-Love. You may find that you have an easier time digesting life and digesting the food on your plate!

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